Mary Robinson’s Papers / "Presidential Library "


‘The Elders’ :unamused: Pass the sickbag.

The president doesn’t do anything. A good one is one who shuts up, stands where they’re supposed to and doesn’t get sick in the ambassador’s lap. It’s not a high bar.


Are you too young to remember her election and presidency? (christ, I’m starting to sound like jmc). Before her election the presidency was for faithful old party hacks who smelled of gin and piss. Of course our president is confined by the Houses of the Oireachtas, but it is an office that can articulate our principles and ethics in a way that a political partisan figure like the Taoiseach could never do. Mary Robinson created that role and it was during that period 1990-1997 that Ireland really started to emerge from the pit of years of despondency, socially, economically and politically. Much of what we now take for granted as modern Ireland was what she represented.

I genuinely think she deserves our respect. This whole malarcky about the building in Ballina, her library and papers doesn’t put her in a good light, but I think it’s more likely that she has feck all to do with it directly.


Ireland would have ‘emerged’ during that period with or without Robbo…nothing to do with her.
And as for your final line…thats one hell of an assumption. This story broke a while ago in the Phoenix and went mainstream this weekend. She hasn’t been out to deny it yet.
This loos like something her whole family are in on and they’re hardly doing it without her help


Perspectives differ.

For me the best thing about her presidency was the day I got off school for her inauguration.

No politician is a saint and in a democracy it is perfectly acceptable to challenge this kind of wheeze.


It was everything to do with her.


How? How did she effect such colossal change in a role such as that of President of Ireland?
She attended events, made lots of speeches, cut ribbons, stucka candle in a window etc etc. Tokenistic stuff that comes with that role

So according to you, without her, there’d have been no economic boom, social changes etc from 1990-97!!!
Imagine if she hadn’t ran off when the UN came calling - we’d be world leaders in everything by now :unamused:


Do you mind me asking roughly how old you are.


Nice. The real Coles2 is definitely back


What was the causal mechanism?


the only reason she was elected was because FG fielded a candidate a more worthy but too weak to capitalise on Lenihan’s faux pas.


No, it was a serious question. Do you remember her election?


Not really.

She benefited from a few things:
-Currie was not a strong candidate and FG were weak at the time
-Lenihan mobilised the core FF vote but proved transfer-repellent … tion,_1990

So Currie’s transfers pushed her from 2nd to first place after the first count.

But none of this would have happened h**ad she not run an extremely strong campaign and surprised everyone **by pulling in 39% of the first preference vote herself.


and do you not think that the “Anyone but FF” voter would not have voted for a stronger FG candidate?
It is just another case of poor election strategy by FG.


In a few words; respect for women.

Ireland in 1990 was a kip. The only thing to look forward to was beers on the boat to Holyhead. Fianna Fail had completely ruined the place. We had Haughey and CRH and Ansbacher and Lenihan telling us that ‘shure we can’t all live on a small island’, and moving statues, and heroin, and SPUC and bullshitting bishops. Pee Flynn, the misogynist cock made his comment about Robinson’s ‘new found interest in her family’ and Lenihan was caught out lying that ‘no one rang the president’, and suddenly enough Irish people had enough of the crap. They knew exactly what she represented; they knew from her background that she would champion human rights, and in particular women’s rights. As she said at the time, it was the women of Ireland who elected her, but her election was the first glimpse of a better future for this country for all of us.


No. No I don’t accept that. I don’t accept that AT ALL!
As a lad I remember going down to Dublin for a weekend of family fun!
The highlight was the pantomime with Maureen Potter.
She was dressed all in green, like Robin Hood, the green jersey on before any of us knew what it meant.
Funny as f*ck, splitting our sides we were, for hours, and we’re still laughing now, years later!
Ireland was a great place back then.
You just needed to know where to look.


@Inis Man, :slight_smile:

#37 … -1.2843020

Peter Hynes is chief executive of Mayo County Council


Agree totally. Mary Robinson doesn’t look as good in todays context and this library business does her no favours whatsoever. However in 1990 her candidature was the best option available to the disparate bunch of people who wanted to say ‘f*ck you’ to the rotten, crooked establishment of Ireland. That disparate bunch included women, people under 30, people who were fed up with the control of the church and left wing voters (who were a higher %age of the electorate than now) and a fair proportion of FG voters who really didn’t like the FG attitude that they would vote for FGs candidate like sheep no matter who he was.

Mary Robinsons election was a pivot point - what ever your view of the woman herself or of the labour party it was the first time we kicked dust in the eye of the old guard. And the best thing about was that they never saw it coming.


Just because this is a ridiculous vanity project (of Mayo CC, by the sounds of it), doesn’t mean Ms Robinson wasn’t a good President and vice-versa. To me, she came to epitomise a welcome change in social and cultural values in Ireland, one that made the country attractive for returnees.


The real answer to the casual relationship question is obvious from your answers. She was in the right place at the right time, nothing more.

That last quote is deliciously Trumpian, by the way.