Mary Robinson’s Papers / "Presidential Library "


She was in the right place at the right time and also had the inherent ability to take advantage of it. If Labour had instead nominated a party grandee then they would likely have lost to Lenihan.

Which kind of proves the point, no? With all his advantages, in addition to being in the right place at the right time, it looks like he will not succeed in riding that wave of discontent to an election victory.


"I think its safe to return to Ireland as Robbo has just become President, let’s pack our bags honey!!!
The President is a figure head, nothing more nothing less. Attributing credit to them for things that would have happened anyway is just political gamesmanship.


In 20 years will people hold up Clinton as chosen as a beacon of hope or paragon of whatever, or will they think she was a weak candidate who would have lost if an old audio tape of her opponent running his mouth hadn’t been uncovered. Plenty parallels


Some parallels but the dissimilarities are more striking. Clinton is running for a party which has shared the presidency with the other main party for almost two centuries. Having a women in the role will be novel but Clinton will represent more of the same. In Ireland Fianna Fail had held a lock on the presidency, with Fine Gael as the only realistic other contender, such that Labour didn’t even bother to run a candidate before Robinson. That she managed to get elected, despite history being stacked against her, was an achievement of major significance. It’s probably a stretch to say she caused the subsequent change in Ireland but, for many, she was symbolic of that change and certainly one of the more visible drivers of it.


They sure are striking…1 could have her finger on the nuclear button, the other lit a candle


So roughly how old are you anyway? Do you remember her election?


Yep, there’s nothing like a succession of sarcastic comments to convince people of the merits of your arguments. :angry:


Mary Robinson has applied for and is in the process of obtaining a €2m tax advantage. For this she is going to hand over a large number of boxes of old shite (periodicals, law books, cassettes, a lamp, diaries, random certificates). 99.99% of these items have no academic or monetary value. Furthermore the warehouse to store this crud is being purchased from her brother at what appear to be a considerable premium to the going rate for Ballina. The ongoing maintenance, staffing, insurance etc of this warehouse will presumably be a continuing drain on Mayo CC for years to come.

All of this is happening with the full knowledge of MR and she doesn’t care because she is a massive egotist (and she is getting €2m).


If this was an FF/FG ex-President who engineered a tax break/stroke like this, there’s be a lot more sarcastic commentary on here + 1000.
But because Robbo is deemed by many to be a Leftie and a Liberal, and as she was from the Labour party, she’s getting a free ride from many.

Some are claiming she transformed Ireland into a modern society/economy- a fantastic achievement from an Office with no powers.
Some are saying she probably knows nothing about this and the tax break simply fell into her lap. But as this has been floating around for some time now, you’d think she’d have knocked it on its head at this stage.

There’s no changing of minds on something like this. If I smell something rotten, I like to call it as it is…no matter from which political stable it has sprung in this country. Others are blinded by their allegiances/causes.

And never the twain shall meet


Who are the “many” who you think are giving her a free ride? I don’t see it. I just see people reacting to your attack on a factually accurate statement; “while she was President she was widely regarded as a good one”.

I don’t think anyone on here is arguing that the tax break is anything less than distasteful money-grubbing. That Coles2 questioned whether she knew about it is probably misguided but he also acknowledged that it doesn’t look good.

Again I don’t see anyone taking issue with it being called out as rotten. They are taking issue with your characterisation of the significance of her election and presidency. But I guess it’s good to know that your stridency is driven by “calling it as it is” and that it is only others who are affected by blind allegiance. :angry:

I’d also be interested to know what age you are. Or, more directly, what age you were in 1990. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable question if it allows people to understand whether your opinion on the matter was formed through first hand experience or not. In the interests of disclosure, I am of an age that meant 1990 was the first opportunity I had to vote in a presidential election so that likely does inform my view of it.


Primetime now. Doesn’t sound good.


Thats putting it mildly!!!
No one from The Victoria Foundation, the Robinson family, Mayo Co Co, NUIG want to talk to Primetime.
Cross polonisation between The Victoria Foundation, Mayo Co Co and the Robinson family.
Mayo CoCo have issued a blank cheque to underwrite the cost of any repair works to the House, and it looks like it won’t be cheap.
1 County Councillor reckons €700k (or did the programme say €600k?) for a run down house in ballina is a tad ‘ambitious’


In fairness her archive would be more interesting than that of 99% of Irish politicians.

More from her senator days I would say. She advanced causes which were pretty left-field at the time (women’s rights, right to divorce, children’s rights, gay rights) but are thankfully mainstream now.

But low housing costs aside, how will location in Ballina maximise access to anyone interested in the archive? And would any more than a handful of visitors wander in on a wet November Tuesday?


Plans for a Mary Robinson Presidential Library in Ballina, Co Mayo look to have stalled, after the former president announced that she would gift her archive to NUI Galway and have it stored there.

The Victoria House Foundation, which has been working to develop a centre at Ms Robinson’s childhood home in Ballina, says storage of the archive in Galway will mean there is no need to have archival facilities in Co Mayo.

In a statement this evening, the foundation said the former president would not avail of any tax credits that may be available to her when she donates her archive.

Instead of progressing with the plan to open a Presidential Library in Ballina, the statement talks of a “vision” to use Ms Robinson’s legacy “at a location” in the town.


Mary Robinson, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, should donate it to the state to house Syrian asylum seekers.


Is it possible the purchase of the brother’s house may have been merely “postponed” to give time for public outrage to simmer down?


Don’t be so cynical PS!


The diaspora are impressed by her campaign for tax justice at the tax payers expense, after a 7 year stint as president (cost 1.4 million+ to date in pensions) which she used as a stepping stone to the UN gig . . .

#59 … 2-Feb2017/

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Is she angling for another 7 years?