Mary Robinson’s Papers / "Presidential Library "


she can declare herself to be a candidate without needing neither Oireachtas nor Comhairle Condae votes.

I would hold my nose and campaign for her if Bertie runs


I’d hold my nose and Campaign for Trump if Bertie runs.

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Ctrl+f “brother”… guess what comes up


I usually hate the “Why spend money on culture when kids are starving?” argument. But this is clearly the case with this one.

Mary Robinson has not lived in Mayo in 60 years.
Very few people outside Ireland have heard of her, and the market for monuments to Irish politicians is pretty small.
Very few tourists go to Ballina anyway, and very few extra will go to see this.

Mayo County Council has plenty of pressing needs, from shabby playgrounds to dangerous bends to social housing.

Ballina - and many other towns in the county - are pretty shabby with vacant premises and few signs of economic growth. It is pretty dubious in my view to be putting the cost of this project on the ratepayers of the hairdressers and shopkeepers paying heavy enough business rates already.


This is no 10 by view count for “mary robinson” on youtube. 378 subscribers to her “Mary Robinson foundation” channel. internationally relegated to minor UN bureaucrat status.


Well, they finally bought it…

Former President Mary Robinson’s childhood home in Ballina, Co.Mayo has been bought by Mayo County Council after years of negotiations.
Work is to begin in November this year on transforming Victoria House, which was owned by Ms Robinson’s brother Adrian Bourke into the Mary Robinson Centre, a US-style presidential library.
It is understood the property sold for about €600,000.


Are you frickin’ kiddin’ me? The word “shithole” doesn’t begin to do this place justice …

Also, a little Googling shows it’s the address of “Adrian P. Bourke and Co Solicitors” (dat’s de brudder), so anyone expecting a wondrous period interior will probably find it’s kitted out as an office. Look up the price of property in Ballina on You can easily find a 3-bed house for <€100k. Here’s a four-bed for €120k within 300 metres of Victoria House.

If the cost of this white elephant was only €600k it would be scandalous. But Josepha Madigan’s department has donated €2m in part funding!!! Even if I was interested in spending my tax money on “a world-class centre for human rights, gender equality and climate change”, a dilapidated solicitor’s office in Ballina would not be on my list of preferred locations. Hopping mad …


As evidenced by the manner in which the “debates” around both the Repeal of the 8th amendment and now Brexit have been conducted, its clear that Ireland has simply replaced one monolithic , smaĺl minded, groupthinking ‘elite’ for another.

The change of the past 30 years has been little more than a power grab by a new gang who operate in the same manner as the old, right down to the dispensing of patronage via the State apparatus.