Massive amount of drops on daft for a Friday to Tuesday

According to property vultures , there were 525 price drops in this time frame , where usually it was coming to have about half this number.

What trigger this rise?

I bet it could have been liz o kanes appearance on the late late show.
“The morket is down 30% and has another 5-10 to go”
Also worth noting is the lack of developers dropping apartment block prices . This all happened a few weeks ago when straight away when the backs cut back on lending criteria for apartments.

Liz’s own house is only down by 3.5% though.

I wonder why she can’t sell it if the real morket is (by her own admission) 30-40% below where she’s priced her own gaff.

I thought she was in the business of helping other people to sell their house.

Maybe you should take your own advice Liz and price your house accordingly. You might even sell it after all these months.

Joe Duffy on weds and thurs last week was very telling , estate agents bidding down properties 25% live on air has a salutary effect .

Liz O Kane during her denial slot on friday nights Late Late was either:

  1. The Comedy slot that night
  2. A Heavyweight counterargument by the Late late to pessimistic Joe Duffy
  3. Some class of a soft pitch for a new reality show …not that ole 2pack can guess the precise actualité of the realité to be showed in this case …My Net Worth Got Out Of Here perhaps .

Anyway, its seems Joe won out in the end !