Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



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Disclaimer: The CDC and WHO support the v procedure. The following is a large collection of personal experiences. Anecdotal evidence does not comprise the entirety of our scientific knowledge on the subject.


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And yet the vast majority are fine, have to wonder if some of these these unfortunates would have been extremely badly affected by COVID had they gotten an infection hence the extreme reaction to the jab, at least one mentions a “mild egg allergy” so I suspect many vaccines may have affected them.
Also see reference to both types of vaccine in these accounts, none of this worries me to be honest. Sadly a few will always have severe reactions. I imagine every year there are people having the same/similar reactions to the flu jab.


The numbers here tell a rather chilling story…

Select CoviD as Disease and Died as Event Characteristics.

In the first 3 weeks of vaccine roll out almost 200 deaths (at least 750x the flu shot rate). These are almost all just immediate deaths on vaccination. Day 0 to day 3. Not long enough for long term deaths to accumulate.

Now starting reading the case details. More than half are people over 75. Most seem to be in homes. And as I read it at least 10% have serious dementia. So could not have given informed consent to vaccination.

So what the vaccination seems to be doing is to greatly accelerate the deaths of old frail people especially those with dementia. Who unless they have a medical condition that requires regular inpatient or outpatient treatment are at low risk from Hospital Acquired Pneumonia. Which is what COVID looks like.

As for the younger people who have adverse effects from the vaccine they seem to getting serious ill / disabled at about the same rate as old people are dying.

Yeah, sure its safe. For people in good health a jab of SARs CoV2 virus is still safer than getting any of the vaccines. Not enough demographic data for risks to high risk people. but probably the same.

Other fun fact, the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines last about as long as the flu jab. So its going to have to be a regular jab. That will kill off large numbers of old people with dementia pretty fast as they will have no say in the matter.


Outbreak started in the Lusk home before the vaccinations, apparently, but if post-swab deaths can count as COVID deaths (even if perhaps unrelated)… what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Most people have made decisions out of fear, we should track local cases/instances carefully - it strikes closer to home, then maybe that’s an opening to discuss the larger dataset.



Update on Gibraltar:–19-mortality

The first death occurred on 1 November. Total deaths rose to six by 22 December. New variant (B.1.1.7.) arrived, then vaccinations occurred, now seeing a rise in deaths - by 30 January 2021, COVID–19 mortality on the Rock rose to 75.



The Journal not permitting comments on this one…

MISINFORMATION AROUND THE death of a Wexford General Hospital doctor earlier this month has been circulating online.
A number of posts on Facebook have said that Dr Keshav Sharma died on 11 January after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, insinuating that the two events were linked.
Although it is understood Dr Sharma had received his first dose of the vaccine, his death was unrelated to this.


Sites that use debunked and fact-check in headlines and articles, out their captured status.

The Death cult has the place totally ruined. They have destroyed minds. Destroyed nations.


Plus 1 million. I really don’t know if there is a way back. :sleepy::face_vomiting::exploding_head:


His age is conspicuous by its absence of course. (Just 39 btw) Interesting rip page.


At least 36 people develop blood disorder and a doctor DIES after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines - as experts probe potential link between shots and the rare condition

But so far, the platelet-suppressing condition appears exceedingly rare - affecting just 36 people out of 43 million doses administered in the US - and scientists theorize that only a small fraction of the population may have some predisposition that could lead vaccines to trigger the blood disorder.
Of 15 people included in a forthcoming study, only one had a recent history of low platelet counts, and there were no clear common threads that predict who might be the very few to develop thrombocytopenia after vaccination.
But with the exception of Dr Michael, all others so far have recovered after treatment.


Two small clusters of deaths after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported among nursing homes in Kentucky and Arkansas.

In Kentucky, four seniors died the same day of their vaccination on Dec. 30, 2020. Three of the four who passed away reportedly already had had coronavirus prior to getting vaccinated.

In Arkansas, four seniors died at a long term care facility about a week after their vaccination. All tested positive for COVID-19 after vaccination.

The deaths are reported in a federal database called VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.


Does it say which ‘Vaccine’ they took Diana?


The woman “passed away unexpectedly” Friday after receiving Pfizer’s version of the Covid-19 vaccine about noon at the Kaiser-run site at Cal Poly Pomona, 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the doctor said.

“While seated in the observation area after the injection, the patient complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel, she lost consciousness,” he said. “Paramedics on scene began CPR almost immediately and continued, but she ultimately could not be revived.”


Looks like the Pfizer one…

According to VAERS reports, the Kentucky deaths occurred on Dec. 30 after vaccinations with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. An ill 88-year-old woman who was “14 + days post covid” was given the Pfizer-BioNTech shot while she was “unresponsive in [her] room.” She died within an hour and a half (914961-1). An 88-year-old who was “15 days post covid” got the shot, was monitored for 15 minutes afterward, and passed away within 90 minutes (914994-1). A third report says an 88-year-old woman who was “14 + days post covid” vomited four minutes after receiving her shot, became short of breath, and passed away that night (915562-1). And an 85-year-old woman vaccinated at 5 p.m. was “found unresponsive” less than two hours later and died shortly after (915682-1).


A 17-year-old was hospitalized in the Safra Children’s Hospital’s ICU at Sheba Medical Center a few days after receiving the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the hospital.


Deaths after the vaccine are unrelated

Deaths after COVID diagnoses are always 100% related logic…


Science. Reasons. Mask up. Stay at home. Forever.