Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"

18% above ONS


Seems we at 10-15% excess?

I had a quick gander to see who’s behind this Fullfact outfit and ended up in a classic wormhole. Scroll past the usual retinue of NGO chuds and you’ll see their founder and chairman is very interesting indeed: one Michael Samuel of the Hill Samuel banking family who started Shell Oil before the merger with the Rothschild’s Royal Dutch. His wife’s (a Guinness) sister was married to Amschel Rothschild before his suicide and it’s possible the two families (S & R) were intermarrying in the past, although I can’t confirm it. He certainly has their face though:

À propos nothing in particular, the most prominent Irish name in the Epstein flight logs was Clare Hazell who also married a Guinness…

And to nobody’s surprise the children’s “charity” he heads are of course transgenderism maximalists:

He also owns several green energy companies…


Some old-style investigative journalism there - how it used to be.

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Let’s regulate electric scooters as 2 people have died in 2 years and let us ignore that pesky elephant that won’t leave the room.

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Lord life is tough enough;

15 Percent Have a New Medical Condition After It: Poll

A so far perhaps required re the 15%.

So unnecessary.

Coffee this morning, tried raising the issue again - at least two of them are convinced they’d be dead of the Covid if they hadn’t had the vaccine/boosters.

Before they then caught covid.

Was again reminded about the trucks full of bodies in Italy.

I’ve had the same conversations with people from or living in Ireland Diana. Before one or two just stopped talking to me or else just glaze over with denials and fingers in their ears. The incredible thing for me is that this seems very Ireland specific. I have a feeling that Ireland is one of the most brainwashed countries in the world right now. I talk to many people outside of Ireland and they can completely change their minds on things. I haven’t been living in Ireland for a while now though, so I’m just going by those I speak to online. But, there seems to be many that act just like those you speak of.

This whole thing reminds me of an anecdote I used to tell after attending a meeting of about 40-50 people in one of the former tech companies I was in. It’s one of the main ones and it was let’s just say, one of the main guys, so as not to get too specific (but I’m talking around the tippy top). Someone asked him if the company would ever just up and leave Ireland, and what would stop it from doing so? Why wouldn’t we just go to UK or Germany? And he responded, oh no, you could never have a big say in those countries. But in Ireland you can call up the top politicians on the phone and have a meeting with them a short while later.

It sounded to me as if they were easily able to influence and pretty much control our government. That was about 10 years ago. And it was one of the main American big guys saying it. Someone not known for filtering what they said. It feels to me as if the money from the big American corporations has filtered into every aspect of Irish life. And it’s an unbelievably controlling influence. Everything is controlled there and people only see in the Media and even online what they are allowed see.


That may be true for the vast majority, but I am finding small “pockets” of resistance, but I found that many are scared to speak out against the covid rules and vax until they realise that you also think that way and the floodgates open.
I spoke to a relative recently and she was hesitant to discuss it until she heard that I didn’t get vaxxed and she was full of stories if family members who were shunned for not getting vaxxed and other family members who who would not come near then for fear of giving them covid as they’re in their 80s.

They like me, are relieved that they weren’t forced to take it.


The “trucks full of bodies” story in Italy is pure bullshit. The situation in Lombardia in the time was a political battle between the local Lega regional government and the national government in Rome. Lots of local media stories at the time which were little more than politically motivated propaganda in a battle that had been going on for several years before 2020. The media in other countries just showed the bodies in refrigerated trucks videos with zero context.

Italy has a pure socialized medical system (like Spain) so has zero surge capacity. At the time there was plenty of spare hospital bed capacity in surrounding regions like Emila-Romagna and Tuscany, even Veneto had some, but due to regional politics none of the other regions would take any patients from Lombardia. A totally different situation from France where patient were moved around to fill spare capacity.

So the local hospital and civil morgues in parts of Lombaria did overflow. For about 6 to 8 weeks. But it was all due to local politics. And a very badly managed national health system.

But none of this was reported in the Anglphone media by the usual suspects.


I know… there are a number of papers now about the very iffy epidemiology & politics that led to the Lombardy lockdowns, and at the time ventilation was being hugely advocated for COVID so probably used liberally. I recall there was a twitter thread that looked at the data of cases etc. On a timeline and concluded the lockdown itself & other aspects had been contributors to the mortality, instead of reducing it, but can’t find it.

I think some of those pictures, like the the coffins in the large room or warehouse were… shall we say recycled… from other past events.

But it sticks in their memory. But we are Dublin, so well indoctrinated with rte etc. But while I’ve made new (irl!) connections since all this started, is disheartening that virtually everyone I know from pre-COVID is of the type to have their eyes glaze over. I suppose at least there hasn’t been an open rift with me not taking it, but I haven’t been let inside my sister’s home since this started. It would be great if we get some momentum going after the conference on Monday, but I really do wonder will anyone here wake up unless Fauci / Birx or the Pharma & Tech CEOs get arrested with major examples made of them in the US.

I remember a bunch of doctors I know making jokes in a chat group about Djokovic not being let into Oz for the tennis as he was unvaccinated. I said he’d acquired immunity, reminded them about consent & bodily autonomy. Didn’t go down well. Asked them flat out would they support mandates or compulsory vaccinations. They either didn’t answer or gave some guff about advice from the experts.