Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



The malaria vaccine is a sub unit protein vaccine which are related to but different from the mRNA vaccines. They way the body interacts with them is a much better understood subject. The new vaccines only give partial protection but given just how nasty malaria is the risk/benefit equation for the new vaccine is a huge plus.

So just like the yellow fever and related tropical disease vaccines. Often have nasty initial side effects but given the alternative of actually catching these diseases I’d have no hesitation about rolling up my sleeve for one of those jabs if needed. I’d put it in the same category as the smallpox vaccine. Which I just missed out on as a kid. Would take if offered.


Oh subunit protein fine! Agree & I think hepatitis is the same, which I’ve had. But the pot I saw suggested this is another mRNA one?


Amateur here but I haven’t heard anything about antibiotics and their supposed ever decreasing effectiveness for at least 18 months now…


Me neither tbh, but I’m not on the frontline so to speak… but no, haven’t heard about this for a while, either in medicine or agriculture…

Examiner reporting on hpra data. The omit mention of the 90 reports of death to date.


From official Turkish TV channel:

Here without English subtitles but with more than 1 mln views and over 4000 comments.


One aimed at those starting to awaken - those we should arguably all be targeting. Info war refugees.


Just a little more detail on the UK 20% excess deaths

24% more heart failure deaths than baseline 19% ischaemic heart disease 16% cerebrovascular disease (strokes) 18% other circulatory diseases…



Play suspended at the Newcastle Spurs game because of a “medical emergency” in a supporter. Also double injected Gary Lineker was unable to present Match of the Day last night due to the “worst cold ever” that’s going around.


I don’t think heart attacks are unusual among the Newcastle fan base


Experts: “Believing the MSM is dangerous to your Health” report finds.

Spotted the incongruent attempt at normalisation of heart problems in the young a few weeks back in September, from the usual sick puppies in the bought and paid for media.

Can you still get heart disease if you’re fit and active?


New study suggests physical activity could increase chance of heart attack




Those still alive to tell the tale.


Since this thread is anecdotal. My brother and his wife got the Moderna ‘vaccine’ less than 4 months ago. They wanted to come home to Ireland to have the grandparents take care of the kids for a while and give them a rest for a few weeks after the long lockdowns where they live stateside. I failed in my attempt to convince any of my family not to take the vaccines. Anyway, their whole family recently got Covid. The children are unvaccinated and got over it almost immediately, but my brother had the worst sickness of his life he said, and his wife pretty much the same.
My dad almost died after the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with a bad reaction an hour after it and then the same incredibly bad reaction 4 days after it. A reaction that’s never happened to him before in his life. Also, blood work has gone to hell. The doctor however says that it might not be related to the vaccine and he’ll be going for his third dose soon. He seems to be more scared of the virus than anything else. Not possible to convince him of any other course of action, or most people in Ireland. Interesting times.