Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"

Yep indeed

A new website has been launched where people can tell their stories about being injured by one of the COVID-19 shots.

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Died weeks after getting jab…fell ill shortly after receiving jab…

1000% increase in neurological disorders.
300% increase in miscarriages
300% increase in cancer

“the publication said that it had been shortly before he fell ill which had not allowed him to develop a sufficient level of antibodies.”

Does that mean health officials are admitting that the Vax can cause you to get ill and die if you get infected with the virus during those 2 weeks? Shouldn’t the Vax come with a major warning that you should not get it during the Cold/Flu Season given you have an increased risk of death from infection, even if you are an Olympic Gold Medallist and still relatively young and healthy. I would think that would be pretty important information to share with people if I was in healthcare or in the media. Maybe even enough to make it a headline to a newspaper article.

Early papers always showed an initial two week period after vaccination of immunosuppression.

Wasn’t highlighted or reported on by media though.

BMJ did report on it, but said cause unknown and maybe everyone went crazy socialising & increasing their contacts after the shot. Responses pointed out that this pattern was observed in nursing homes too and that those residents were unlikely to have gone out gallivanting.

So, wouldn’t be surprising if there was an immunosuppressive period after the booster, also would not be surprising to see that information minimised or overlooked, shall we say. There have been people saying all along that universal vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is a bad idea.

Yeah lots of reports around here with graphs and things re the approx 2 week thingy

Oh I know this. I should have used the (sarc) symbol. I’m more pointing out that this should really be the main headline from this paper, along with the fact that the vax killed him. It’s kind of insane that this is well known, since the beginning, and somehow it’s just another thing they can distort reality on. Every single aspect of this is mind boggling to me. If this was a movie, there would be so many plot holes in it that no amount of ‘suspension of disbelief’ could possibly keep anyone paying attention to it. It turns out you just have to tell people there is a bit of a chance of death and then just rely on their lack of basic math skills and lack of critical thinking to do the rest for you, then profit.


I can well see how several who’ve being paying attention will turn to religion. The whole show is beyond my comprehension to be honest.

People have been turning to GOD, because the new religion is waging the WAR.

I understood that there had been no evidence of excess deaths - hence the scoffing at the fear and lockdown from many of us here.

If significant numbers of excess deaths do manifest, how will a connection with the vaccine be proven? The narrative could quite easily pivot to claim that they are down to long covid etc.

Cabinet have armed 24 hour protection. It will not be hidden or explained. It will be what it is.

What it was always going to be. Collateral Damage of War.

The regulatory agency did not provide any information on how many such cases were reported after the vaccination was given but said transverse myelitis has been added as an adverse reaction of unknown frequency to the product information.

And yet Reuters sticks “rare” into the headline. Do they know more than the regulator?

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Casualties of War.