Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"




To be fair, no details. Poor kid.


On RAV yesterday & today… apparently Robert Malone then went on the Sean Hannity’s show to talk about the DoD whistleblower data there too.



Just seeing that could kill vaxxed folk.


Other reports have said that the rate of adverse events varies batch by batch :woman_shrugging:


Just wait till the race breakdown of those numbers is released.

The fighting / technical parts of the US military is disproportionately white. The support part is disproportionately black. The resignations before and during the mandate were mostly from the fighting / technical parts of the military. Those people were the most skilled and would do well in the private sector. The support people tend to end up working for the Federal gov / states / big business quota people. Very few left due to the mandate.

So even though blacks are about 15% / 20% of the various services I expect they will be up to 30% / 40% of those in the military suffering adverse effects. Higher for some types of events. Given the high rate of heart / pulmonary issues with blacks I suspect the reason why the myocarditis numbers were censored not only because they are catastrophic but the % who are blacks. Would not be surprised if the majority are black.

This will get interesting once the blacks realize the Dems are trying to kill them again. If only inadvertently. Unlike last time.



sHoWs itS woRKinG!

I do remember that they once made dettol that didn’t sting, then removed it from market as people didn’t use it. The ‘sting’ of the older brands made them think it’s working! But this is ridiculous…

In other news, Valneva’s vaccine is progressing. But at this stage I’m suspicious of all of them, and of the digital ID.


A 10 year old Irish boy maimed by the state-the gardaí should be kicking in the doors of NIAC members…


Official UK Government Data now suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits may already be suffering Covid-19 Vaccine induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome


“Deaths in the most recent week for which data are available were 9.3% below the five-year average in England and Wales”

So according to this, no big kill off from the jab…


Stand up comedian Heather McDonald “bragging” about having the 3 experimental covid jabs and how they haven’t harmed her, instantly collapses on stage, fracturing her skull as she hits the floor.

Comedian Heather McDonald suffers skull fracture after collapse during show



Worst cramps ever…


New research ye see

He added that it’s possible that people with jabs would have less of a risk of these complications than the unvaccinated but that there was not yet certain evidence for this.


Heart Problems After Covid Are Much Worse for the Vaccinated, Nature Study Shows – But It’s Hidden in the Appendix

Coronavirus 2020



The fruits of 3 bioweapon’s injections, obsessive everything sanitization, oxygen deprivation, lack of social contact, loneliness and fear are ripping up and falling into the Menace’s baskets.
My guess is they know well the “no germ theory” and New German Medicine. They used it to their advantage poisoning population and masquerading symptoms of chemical poisoning with a flue.