Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



Will there be any children to attended in the near future?

:thinking: On that note, someone should do an ambulance watch on the main shopping MALLS around Dublin city, let the young scientist in ya out for a run around, self identify as a 15 year old whatever.



DUP MLA Christopher Stalford dies suddenly at 39.



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Um… can anyone think of a reasonable mechanism for getting a false positive for syphilis?


Here is the data on child Pfizer death. It is chilling.

An analysis of ONS data has shown that children are 52 times more likely to die after a covid shot than ‘unvaccinated’ children. In addition, the data, shows that the risk increases rapidly for younger children, and for second doses.


Thats around 1 in 4000 kids. Those are catastrophic numbers.

So with around 4M in that age group and current around a 50% vaccination rate that means that SARs CoV 2 vaccine will have killed up to 5,000 children in the UK just in the 10 to 14 age group.

Difficult to get exact breakdown for Ireland but looks like at least 100 to 120 children would have died in Ireland from the vaccine if its the same kind of rate as the UK.



“Schöfbeck says that probably there have been 400,000 clinical consultations by BKK insured alone due to vaccine complications. “Extrapolated to the total [German] population, the number would be three million.””

Remember that 75% of Germans have been ‘vaccinated’. So, that is about 63 Million people. This would mean that close to 5% of the ‘vaccinated’ have had an adverse event. That is a short term adverse event. We have no idea of the long term implications yet. Given that 50% of people in my direct family that got vaccinated had a severe short term adverse event I shouldn’t be shocked by these numbers but even I find it staggering that the powers that be were able to hide these numbers. What is going on in the world?

Good ol’ Klaus and the idiot crew have been doing a great job.


Define ‘severe’ as all of my family and wife’s are vaxxed (25 ppl approx) and no ‘severe’ adverse events (tiredness, heaches, slight arm pain - with prob half of them).


I wouldn’t like to go into too much detail but one was losing so much blood that the hospital said that if we lived further than a few minutes away he would definitely be dead. The other is definitely far less immediately severe than that but it’s looking like a long term adverse reaction related to the skin.


Sorry to hear that ECD.


if this is anything like what it looks like (and once more, let’s be clear, we need to validate this but we’re seeing an awful lot of consonance from independent data), this is going to be one of the great scandals in human history. it will make thalidomide look like forgetting your house keys.


Re Israeli and German reports above:

Covid vaccines = Vioxx + Thalidomide ?

Based on the data discussed above, it increasingly looks like covid vaccines, despite their short-term effectiveness against severe covid, might turn into the largest drug scandal in medical history, potentially dwarfing both the Vioxx scandal and the thalidomide (contergan) scandal.



United Health appears to have the largest market share in the US.
It’s share price doubled in the last 2 years.

If the above data rings true, shouldn’t this be an obvious short target?


That depends on whether the most common side effects are chronic but expensively treatable or death.