Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



You would think we’d have heard a bit more about this. Only 705 MEPs and one dead from the ‘vaccine’ it seems. ‘Thrice vaccinated’.


It was discussed on here a lot but I suppose you mean hearing from some of the MEPSs. As you’d expect really.


Broadcast last night.

84% rise in excess deaths in millennials (late teens to early forties) - he equates it to Vietnam war deaths. Actuarial analyses are beyond me - @jmc any thoughts?


Not sure where this belongs

More than 18 million people have died during the coronavirus pandemic, three times higher than official figures suggest, according to a major review of global excess death figures.

Seven countries accounted for more than half of global excess deaths – India topped the list, with more than four million fatalities, followed by the United States, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan. Among these countries, Russia had the highest excess death rate, at 375 per 100,000 people.
But it is parts of Latin America that have seen by far the world’s worst excess death rate – Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador were all hit incredibly hard by Covid-19, and saw 734, 528 and 333 deaths per 100,000 people, respectively

Other countries, however, did see excess death rates fall – including in Iceland, Australia and Singapore, where there were 48, 38 and 16 fewer fatalities per 100,000 people than expected

Meanwhile the largest disparities between official figures and excess deaths were found in South Asia (5.27m excess deaths, compared to an official total of 558,000) and sub-Saharan Africa (with an estimated 2.1m fatalities, compared to 150,000 reported).

But Britain was found to have an excess death rate of 126.8 per 100,000, very close to France – which had 124.4 per 100,000 – and Germany, with 120.5 per 100,000.
Sweden, which did not lock down, was found to have one of the best excess death rates in Europe, with 91.2 per 100,000. Only Finland, Luxembourg and Iceland fared better.

At the country level, the highest number of estimated excess deaths occurred in India (4.1 million), the US (1.1 million), Russia (1.1 million), Mexico (798,000), Brazil (792,000), Indonesia (736,000) and Pakistan (664,000

The latest data show that the infection fatality rate for Covid is now lower than for influenza. While 35 in 100,000 omicron infections result in death, 40 people in 100,000 will die from a flu infection.




Less dangerous than the flu but Mills guy still pushing hard, I wonder why…



It stops working so soon lol so we need you to let us give more doses :clown_face:


Dodged one


Looked in at youtube earlier today and was very surprised to see several recommendations for videos highlighting the adverse reactions from the vaccines, what a change from a few months ago when such videos would have been taken down and their uploaders banned!


Lancet Paper on Excess Mortality Uses SIX Models and Churns Out Nonsensical Results



Naomi Wolfe discussing something from the Pfizer documents (start at halfway / 6 minutes in). Batches were different.

Edited to add link to Appendix Q.


Death by Data.

I had a stunning thought of epic horror proportions, it’s so scary in it’s reach, I may be recycling existing ideas, I don’t know, but let’s run with it…

Since the people of the earth have given the Minds Of Men cabal the keys to the kingdom via their online life. They have received the gift of persistent intel on the designated enemy (being YOU), at all levels, the entire socio-pyschoscape world is mapped in real time of virtually everyone (that matters in the value web).

Then commandeering the whole Health/PPS/Social Security to dovetails into the diabolic track and trace system utilised for dispatching targets, they have a weapon of massive mass destruction within their grasp.

Using high level Ai to handle the processing, that not only pinpointed key high value social targets across the worlds populations, but also deploys and routes the deadly batches, to the patriarchs, matriarchs and other social-hubs/influencers in the social web - batches that vary too, in their timed release. instant, days or weeks biological detonation … they can send you the one shot that will hit your known health issue (weakness) real hard.

All timed and targeted in ways to fully destabilise the social cohesion in the most efficient and insidiously granulised way never before possible until digitised health care came along, a setup that is so difficult and unbelievable in it’s calculated sophistication, reach Amd penetration no one is easily able to notice, because so few can even imagine such a setup outside the safety of a movie theatre being ever truly real let alone used on humanity at scale.

YOU thought the Terminator was going to look like this, but he actually turned out to be a snake oil salesman!

The 100 best action movies: 20-11

Did I notice good?



Can’t imagine this succeeded, but you can see it was being considered.


" While data shows that “most reported adverse events were mild and short in duration,” according to the study, which was published in the UK-based medical journal The Lancet , 6.6% of all side effects were categorized as “serious,” and resulted in “inpatient hospitalisation, prolongation of hospitalisation, permanent disability, "

life-threatening illness, congenital anomaly or birth defect.”

Deaths represented a stunning 1.3% of side effects reports."