Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



“While it’s not possible with the data publicly available to quantify precisely the number of people the vaccines are sending to an early grave, what data there are indicate the number is not small, and may be very large, in the tens of thousands in the U.K. Certainly more than enough to be ringing alarm bells that ought long ago to have triggered suspensions, urgent investigations, proper controlled studies and detailed reports. That very little of this appears to be happening – and that the authorities continue to repeat the mantra that the vaccines are safe as they roll them out to ever younger age groups – is disturbing, to say the least.”


Not suggesting vaccines, but dropping in your 50s the normal now,…




I’m unvaccinated, but including a lifelong drug-using rock star on this list seems bizarre. There’s an exhaustive list of musicians who have died in similar circumstances pre Covid.


I would not argue with that, as I also found it a little strange. Who knows? TBH, I didn’t even read full article, just recalled that I had posted something about it before.


A Brazilian investigator may have identified the mechanism driving mRNA vaccine myocarditis. And the US CDC finally acknowledges the strongly increased risk in young males.


Within weeks of @pfizer’s vaccine being administered pursuant to emergency use authorization, Pfizer had to hire 600 full time employees “to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports” being received by the company. But it’s wrong to ask questions about safety?



I’m now hearing folk in their 80s and 90s saying they don’t want any more (along the lines of “they’re not explaining why we need so much…It’s almost like they’re not sure what they are doing”) :rofl:

“When both of these actions have been taken, the chart of the non-Covid excess mortality data (below) shows more than 23,000 excess deaths occurring during the study period, which is broadly in line with the number of vaccine injury deaths estimated by Will.”



Covid Vaccines Increase Risk of Heart-Related Deaths by Up to 50%, Lancet Analysis of Trial Data Finds


Compensation up to 400,000 baht has been awarded to the 3,670 families of people who died as their deaths were attributed to the vaccines, said Mr Jadet.


That’s a surprisingly candid admission from a tightly controlled regime; the BP don’t usually print items that upset the status quo either…




We’re not anti-vaxers but

This is from a main stream sports channel in Australia


Bill Gates on his first meeting with Trump: “[Trump] was considering a commission to study the ill effects of vaccines, and I said no that’s a dead end, that would be a bad thing, don’t do that” 😳 I’m what way could that possibly be bad?


Yea this has been known for some time, but like many unknown known knowns of late it suddenly finds it’s market share is rather large.

Do you think Bill has been lured like all of them, into a trap or many traps, some of the best traps, where someone caught all of them? :thinking:


I would have thought that the staff in these places might notice that there must be some reason for such a dramatic increase in heart issues in 2021 in their hospital.

Heart failure diagnostic Clinic in Blackpool Teaching Hospital. Worthwhile checking out these numbers.

Hopefully people make more of these requests for information. Check out the difference of 2021 compared to 2020. Criminal that this information is not being investigated more.

2018 213
2019 172
2020 63
2021 603
2022 104 (up to the end of Feb)


It looks like even the experiment is not really an experiment if nobody gonna compare anything, particularly vaxxed v unvaxxed, etc. I’d say a lot of Health Services hollowed out now and just left with a fully compliant workforce, particularly in US, etc.