Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



As part of the proceeding, the court reviewed COVID-19 vaccine safety data from EudraVigilance, t*** he system for managing and analyzing information on suspected adverse reactions to medicines which have been authorized or are under investigation in the European Union. The Sicilian judge was shocked by the sheer number of adverse reactions and deaths associated with the vaccines—markedly more proportionally than with comparable mandates. In March of this year, the Sicilian judge sent the case and the associated batch of documents the Italian Constitutional Court for review.






Naomi Wolfe was speaking about this with Steve Bannon last night. Might be more updates today, or on the dailyclout blog.




If you have received doses of any Covid vaccine, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without performing lab work and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out potential heart damage.





The Pfzier contract is null and void around the world now.

Time for Regimes to go, and you thought it couldn’t get anymore interesting. :ninja:


Vaccinated Hospitalised for Non-Covid Reasons at FIVE Times the Rate of the Unvaccinated, U.K. Government Data Show

You have to wonder what on earth have they unleashed on the world.




The vax scandal


It’s life-changing’

BBC Radio Presenter Jules Serkin discusses the side effects she says she’s experienced since receiving her Covid vaccine.



Listen @1:15 with repeated boosters “the immune system can kinda start to shut down”


Stop it now that’s enough, you’re killing people with your misinformation

On Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio Reports Friday, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf said, “I have been telling Congress that misinformation is the leading cause of death.”


There’s a lot of it about :frowning: