Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"



When the case law for Public Health Medical Malpractice is firmly established in the US legal system I am going to really enjoy lying f*ckers like her being legally crucified in court. The usual immunity that applies to those in government with not apply. The MD they hide behind will be the way to destroy these dangerous charlatans.


Can’t happen too soon. Seriously. Some family are getting fourth shots right now… unfortunately they all listen to MSM & the talking heads. About pretty much everything, Covid, economy, EU, Ukraine.

Primum non nocere. The run of the mill doctors have failed there too, but most took the shots themselves, so incompetent & blindly following authority as opposed to consciously complicit. Still.

World is mad. I wonder what next winter will be like, what will they come up with this time.

Did you hear Deputy CMO is moving to consulting with EY? They who were working on the digital ID thingy?






I had actually mentioned the potential for this here last year as the PEG chains on the outer surface of the mRNA liposome actually target cancer cells. I was speculating that they may cause precancerous cells to get worse or cause those in remission to become cancerous again. It is one half of the study that took place with these types of molecules a few years back. Like, half of the study in this area was to do gene therapy (bring mRNA to cells) and the other half was to use these carrier molecules to bring cancer drugs to cancer cells , specifically using PEG chains to target the cancer cells. I was wondering last year why nobody would be thinking about this that worked in the field. Maybe because Pfizer hadn’t worked in the field until 2019 and Moderna are cowboys. There are probably many other mechanisms apart from these that could be a route to increased cancer but it still amazes me that the most obvious one wasn’t even contemplated. Of course, no real testing was done on these anyway before releasing them on the public. People are soon going to realise why medical trials take so long. What a fiasco.


Yup, I remember your liposome posts. One other theory I am now seeing about the hepatitis cases is with regards to adenoviruses. The only Viral Vector vaccine prior to this was Ebola - limited use, though even the Mayo now says “Adenovirus vaccines are not really new.” :clown_face: (I was googling to double check which use chimp & which human adenoviruses). Research into cold fusion or anti-gravity isn’t new either.

So what if an adenovirus vector vaccine meets a wild adenovirus, and they recombine to form a new mutant?

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They can’t hide the bodies. Excess mortality by age in quarter three of 2021 from life insurance claims data. Our public health establishment is entirely ignoring this disaster. These younger people did not die of Covid.



From 2021 but not seen here before?


A Public Health Emergency in Canada: The Rate of Change in Excess Millennial Deaths Can’t Be Explained by a Sudden Rush of Suicides, Overdoses, Cancers


On do an all county search for the first name “baby” for the last 12 months then compare it to previous years and you can see that it has roughly doubled. I have seen other phrases like “infant” or “angel” used and other notices where it’s only from the text itself that you’d know it was a newborn, so obviously this is completely unscientific, but still…


Pic seen posted to Twitter :woman_shrugging::


RTE are reporting that neither Covid nor the vaccines seem to be behind the childhood hepatitis outbreak. They seem to be aware that people are questioning the risks that taking the vaccines may have caused.

In Ireland, as in other countries, investigations are under way to determine if current or prior Covid-19 infection may increase the risk of this disease in some children.

None of the Irish cases who were tested on admission to hospital had evidence of Covid-19 infection at that time. The majority of the cases had not received Covid-19 vaccination.


Majority of what. The newborn babies or the 12 year old.

Lying scum. I need to stay away from these things just now for fear of the damage I will inflict . Cnuts.

To add, this is a global event that can’t be hidden.


Fauci - > Discussing the testing of possible AIDs vaccines.

“…it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose, and then; What have you done?”


I linked to maybe the original video at the time.


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“The scale of this nightmare is now such that the number of damage cases exceeds all cases arising from previous programmes” Sir Christopher Chope MP UKGOV not investigating 450k Yellow Card Reports & many MPs ignore the injured