Massive collection of online anecdotal examples of peoples reactions to novel GM "Vaccine"







Tl:dr circulating spike protein (S1) from infection & vaccine are identical. They are both toxins.


Update on AZ - their adenovirus was isolated from chimpanzee poop. :poop::poop::poop:
We all knew it was chimp adenovirus… just wanted to share with you all that it is literally made from :poop::hugs:


Blood-clotting condition cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT), which can cause serious neurological damage, is significantly associated with mRNA Covid vaccination, a major study in leading medical journal Vaccines has found.
The research team analysed 1,154,023 adverse event reports from more than 130 countries logged with VigiBase, the World Health Organisation’s global deduplicated database, and found a “potential safety signal for CVT occurrence after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination”.The authors note many reports were in younger people and the conditions were serious: “CVTs were commonly reported in patients aged 18–44 and 45–64 years, more frequently in women, and mainly in Europe and America… More than 90% of the patients were in serious condition, and 33% did not recover or died.”




Some lawsuits starting in the US? :pray:



Future proves past (again). :icon_cry:


From January I think.

Monkeypox & HIV/AIDS immunodeficiency


What could be more natural than dying in your sleep in your 60s?

Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, the unassuming, bespectacled, red-headed keyboardist who for more than 40 years added his synth sounds to Depeche Mode hits like Just Can’t Get Enough and Personal Jesus, has died at age 60.

A person close to the band said Fletcher died on Thursday from natural causes at his home in the UK.

The actor Ray Liotta, best known for his portrayal of the mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s film ‘Goodfellas’, died in his sleep aged 67 on Thursday


Thyroid eye disease reactivation associated with COVID-19 vaccination


Many people fully vaccinated for covid are now going BLIND



Post COVID-19 Vaccination Vulvar Aphthous Ulcers: An Unpopular Case Series


In case any missed over last week