Massive Death & Adverse Reactions to Novel Covid Injections - 2023 edition

2020 cases are not vaccine related, but what caused such a surge?

Who knows - variants then? Lockdowns? If variants responsible somewhat in 2020 for the 3.8 fold increase in that year over 2019 baseline, then with the far milder omicron in 2022, it’d be reasonable to say that a lot more than 50% of the almost 8 fold 2022 increase over 2019 baseline, can go down to vax?

Staggering increases!

And when you get a large excess in one year you would expect that these would be the people that would have died the next year anyway and under normal conditions you would expect that the next year would show deaths below the baseline.
Cumulative excess deaths from year to year are a big problem.


The turbos certainly seem to be on the increase.

Kilkenny again


Phew, everything is fine in Swindon again (except for the person who failed to memory hole the actual data before fulfilling for FOI request)

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Just goes to show that they all fuck it up from time to time, as the previous figures seemed to point to covid as the main culprit of the heart problems, the covidians jumped on that to “prove” the vaccines were needed.

It leaves open the question of just how many other flawed data sets are there out there and how many of these were used to justify the vaccine rollouts.


Genocide is occurring before eyes . That is what is occurring.

Year 3.

Flawed and falsified data has been used since the start.
This is an indictment of Ferguson’s ‘model’ used by the UK.

In a war you cannot trust any information.

No one with access to the information is in their job because of their competence because indoctrination and compromisability are the only important selection criteria for these positions so they will fuck it up often.

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I would theorise that the increase is due to the spike protein. The novel Covid19 had a spike protein which bound strongly to ACE2. This caused a lot of heart damage. The vaccine also produces lots of Spike protein and this caused the next surge. The IGF4 results further show the direction. The results from Australia confirm this.

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Nature is bad for you :wink: