Massive Death & Adverse Reactions to Novel Covid Injections - 2023 edition

“If delaying screening and restricting access to treatments, and terrifying people away from hospitals and GPs for two long years means that we now have a 20% higher number of deaths. then the government must answer to that.”

Delayed screening and as a result delayed preventative treatment would not result in such a significant increase in mortality in the following 12 months. Not getting to hospital etc didn’t make them sick.

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"avoiding giving succour to “anti-vaxxers” seems to be the new priority for everyone in authority.

But that’s nonsense too. If there are no significant deaths arising from vaccines, isn’t it better for an inquiry to tackle that issue too and lay the matter to rest?"

It’s a bit rich of Gript, given that McGuirk was one of the cheerleaders for vaccine rollout.

Everyone in the know knows the studies are already done that prove vaccines are killing people. We are a long way from accountability when they can’t even admit to themselves their own part in it. There will be nothing but finger pointing. Just as Gript point the finger at government, government will point to finger at Niac and now disbanded NPhet, who will blame EMA, etc., Etc.

And to watch the national broadcaster, you wouldn’t even know anyone had so much as an adverse event from the mRNA poison.

It will take years for anything to come let alone an admission of culpability or an apology.

Standard practice in Ireland.

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Just brilliant

Of course could be fake…

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Ah here, watch this video between 20 to 23 minute marks :open_mouth:


Yes, it’s quite incredible.I think OW posted something on her death at the time but I hadn’t paid attention to it. If you want to check out what a farce the whole approvals process was, have a look at the video below, which I came across in the last few days. She actually voted No to the Pfizer vaccine but then approved the J&J ‘vaccine’ a week later. Some nuggets from the video for those who don’t have time to watch.

  • She was one of a 21 committee approval panel.

  • She was unsure before going in if they were even allowed say no as it seemed like a done deal. She had to ask the Program Manager if she was allowed say no beforehand. (which tells me that it appeared to be a kind of farce. How many others thought this that just went ahead and said yes?)

  • She was a new addition to the panel. It seems the majority were longer term people.

  • She is a virologist. Zero expertise in mRNA genetic therapy technology.

  • The main reasons she said No to the Pfizer vax was because they didn’t present her enough evidence that it was tested on Black people.

  • 3 other people said NO because they were concerned that it would be used down to people aged 16.

  • She didn’t even realise afterwards that this was the final vote. She thought they were going to have some discussions and answer questions and this initial thing was just them gauging people’s opinions.

  • She was surprised that some of the others were not asking questions and that there was no time for questions.

The whole thing appeared to be just a ticking the box exercise. ‘Yes, we were very thorough and went through a strict approvals process.’ To me ‘the experts’ she mentions were anything but experts in this field. No professions mentioned seem to have studied the field of gene/genetic therapy. It’s astonishing to me, but whoever was putting these things together was doing everything to get the wrong people on the committee and make sure they were clueless as to what the Pharma companies were actually doing or else those members were incompetent, or maybe even some simply corrupt Yes-people taking a pay check.

The follow up questions they asked her after she said No (but after Pfizer was approved anyway by most of the rest) were just to make sure they could con her into voting yes to the next one e.g. include more people of colour in the next data presentation. The whole thing is a con-job at every level.

At every point of new information I find out on these ‘vaccines’ there is corruption or breathtaking incompetence. I don’t know if it’s partly due to the debt levels causing the most reckless of people to be promoted to positions of power or just a major dumbing down of the education system in the last few years. The dire consequences of the free money policies are manifesting in the most destructive of places.


Was she a Virgo? not that it matters.

Again anecdotally, a woman I know, late 40s, went from all clear from cancer 3 years ago to feeling a bit under the weather 2 weeks ago to dying in a hospice over the weekend. Of course they’ll say it’s the missed appointments etc for these types of sudden death (as if that isn’t criminal anyway) but I’ve never heard of someone not having a single symptom and attending hospital to find out the cancer is already in nearly every organ.

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And the name of this vaccine pusher is FULLER. As usual straight in our faces.
Btw this “Chinese Spy Balloon” is nothing more than a “satelite”.

Not cancer and she 66 I believe but this is happening all over the place. And people are begining to get a teeny bit agitated.

Straight to stage 4.

Is the seemingly daft egg-propoganda actually a sophisticated form of dis-information to obfuscate something else, by tucking it into other unrelated psy-ops you have come to cyclically love and laugh about, but actually filter out with any serious analysis often with no more than a passing :icon_rolleyes:?

If so, it increases the chances that you possibly miss this story.

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No more vax discussion on GBNEWS.

Aus Boom Today Shows Karl Stefanovic says “I’ve had Enough of these Vaccines, if I have another dose I may develop complications…I’ve seen reports on the internet of Fit and healthy people dropping with Heart Issues”

— 𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙀𝙈𝙀𝙇𝘽𝙊𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙀 (@Risemelbourne) February 8, 2023