Massive slump in February tax returns

There is a massive slump in the February tax returns. Overall revenue is 527m behind profile and 685m lower than Feb 07. There have been massive falls in VAT, CGT and Corporation Tax. Stamp Duty is 330m below Feb 07. The public finances are way off and its only February.

Ahhh. But the *fundamentals *are fine.

All repeat after me:

“Cyclically adjusted public balance”

One of the most glaring indicators of the broad incompetence or compromised nature of “economists” across Ireland has been the lack of any reference to this concept to the best of my knowledge.

Didn’t we get an extra day this february compared with last year because of the leap year . Might go unnoticed but shouldn’t be considered completely insignificant , eating out etc. should have been about 3 percent higher because of this day.

Silly man, we are different, we don’t have cycles. Things always go up in a straight line.

We have moved all our 80’s government debt onto the mortgages of the celtic cubs so now the government can start taking out big loans again! Happy days!

On these figures we are fundamentally fcuked! Even Income Tax slumped noticeably in February and VAT amounted to less than 65% of the amount expected. And capital taxes have just fallen off a cliff. There is no other way to describe it!!

Our only hope is to beg the brits to allow us back into the Commonwealth.

You insolant swine. Aussies rule the Commonwealth now. :smiling_imp:

I think we should just go back into the union. We gave it a go, we showed we can’t self govern, just let us back in and we don’t demand home rule again. *

Can we have some nice roads please Mr Brown?

*This may not be a hugely popular move.

Screw the commonwealth, I’d just apply to become part of China.

Most worrying is the fact that whilst corporation tax is down, government expenditure is increasing,

Interestingly Property Registration Authority Fees are down from €15,300 to €12,100.

The Scots and the Welsh have always done very nicely out of the deal. And they have their own Parliaments.

What, less popular than the current crooks who govern us? Or how about an incompetent opposition who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery (nor figure out how to throw a KO punch at a tired man on the ropes) lead by Enda Kenny? Or how about uncle Gerry in power?

It’s either a popular revolt from the people of Ireland or go back to British rule. (I don’t think Irish people are very revolution-minded anymore and are quite happy to sit back and let gombeens run the country).

Bah - there’s no votes in that.

Yeah, British rule - because that worked so well in the past.

And their economy is only roaring ahead with about 40% public debt:GDP ratio, the highest levels of personal indebtedness in Europe and a rapidly disintegrating economy that is based on the twin engines of - you guessed it - housing and finance. Their situation might even be worse as they’re not in the eurozone so have the added worry of defending their currency. They also have an aging population and a huge military and NHS to keep going. Britain is as far up s**t creek as Ireland is but with a larger, leakier boat and a smaller paddle.

The UK isnt the 1800s powerhouse economy of the world it used to be…


I think we should BEG them to go back :smiley::D:D:D:D:D
Back to drinking claiming the dole and fighting again - its what we were meant to do :smiley::D:D


Thatcher squandered all the scottish oil in her tax cuts with blair spending the rest on his.

My favourite English chant heard at both cricket and rugby against Australia is “God save your gracious queen”

As a citizen I will take no lectures in democracy or sovereignty from A subject :wink:

Does this data suggest that the economy is already in recession?

And Bertie oversaw the most miraculous economic boom the western world has ever seen…and pissed it up the f**king wall. All the money’s now gone. There is nothing left. We never built the roads, railways, hospitals, schools and airports the way the rest of the world does. We just shared the doh around an elite club of developers and politicians, while all the time telling ourselves we are the “Richest Country in the World!” And now, it’s all gone. There is nothing left, as the figures today confirm.

But hey, it doesn’t matter because FF know their electorate very well, and there is nothing, nothing, that will stop us voting for them…muhahahaha.

It would support the contention somewhat and adds to the data. The March VAT returns (Jan/Feb sales period in the main) will provide an added interesting indicator.