Matthew Elderfield steps down as Financial Regulator … 84608.html

was Croke Park II what did it.

His contract was up soonish anyway AFAIK

Why do I suspect his ‘other interests’ inc. a £500K London role?

He was earning more than Governor of Irish Central Bank, despite being an underling! Never took voluntary pay cuts like Honohan did

Ireland has a financial regulator :question: oxymoron

Financial Regulator Bails out. :astonished:

Most importantly - who next? Hopefully someone ‘unconnected’

Probably John Moran :unamused:

His salary in the private sector in London would be £1000k+

Ahh now Kenny, ‘Hopefully someone not too connected’ wound be a reasonable request, someone unconnected is just fanciful.

We have seen this movie before. They will get in a good Zanu FG man.

How do you know this?

I’d reckon his salary would be along the lines of a big 4 partner - wouldn’t surprise me if he went that route.

more like 500k IMHR

To be honest I’d say the £1mn plus is correct, given the compliance spend that large banks have nowadays…

I wonder what he would list as his achievements here.

Chief Risk Officers/Risk Directors earn big salaries not dissimilar to those earned by the CEO/CFO.

I doubt he’s resigning. He’ll just ascend into heaven.
Actually the Feast of the Ascension is coming up soon. It’s probably the leaving date.

Time to Start the Bail-In Countdown Clock?

Its a good point…

For all the attention on financial services in this country, I havent yet seen anyone with anything to say on what he has done or how he has performed in the role.

He wasn’t Irish
He looked and sounded the part
His speeches were measured
He did not say too much he should n’t have

I don’t know too much about the regulator or how he was perceived internally but some of the above or at not bad compared to what went before so all in all a job reasonably well done