Mattie, Steelstown, Rathcoole (-1075k, -60%)

Was 1.8m (2004) … 850788.asp

Now 1.175m … lin/242561
though it’s 11.75m at daft - methinks a typo :blush:

Down the bottom of the myhome brochure

The weeds in the swimming pool area don’t do it for me :confused:

995k … lin/242561

Now 825K … lin/242561

With a BER rating of G :frowning:

Looks like a church… church of the eternally deluded.

I visited this house back in the mid-1980s when it really was one of the plushest houses around. Lovely location. Swimming pool, tennis court, ballroom etc… not your standard semi-d!!

Having said that it looks like zilch has been spent on maintenance in the intervening period.


100K shaved off the price now 725k … lin/242561

Compare it to this:

Bigger house, huge grounds, high standard of finish (though not to everyone’s taste), energy rating C, €950k. And probably overpriced at that.

At €1000 per sq m plus extra work to be done on the grounds and the appaling energy rating, I estimate that it would cost €400k+ to bring “Mattie” up to this standard, and there’s the hassle and time factor involved in such a job, too. At an asking price of €450-500k it might start to look more realistic: finished cost around €800-900k by the time you’d move in next year. But they’d better get on that boat now because by this time next year even that might look crazy.

Mattie is on 6 acres, that’s got to be worth a bit.

Yes, what with the great Irish land shortage…

5 acres at €10k per acre = €50k.

This property will sell for betwee 300 and 400 - it is a brave person who goes beyond that.

What we are seeing now is the decision tree - I can spend 400k on a house in the country and aonther 400k on renovations, and live on the M-50 or 800k in Monkstown and sit back.

These piles are becoming increasingly unattractive.

I was thinking the same thing myself when I posted yesterday - in fact it occurred to me that if the vendor doesn’t very soon become realistic about the true value of the place, it will be unsellable at any price (because the relative cost of renovation will be nonsensical against other options) - probably by this time next year.

Believe it or not, and I know this is difficult to imagine, but not everyone wants to live in Monkstown. Some people value a large plot of land for a few horses and being in the countryside above being in SCD or D4

I wouldn’t touch this place with a barge pole, but 6 acres is a lot of land, and worth more than €10k per acre in that location I’d have thought. At some point in the future you could stick a house or two on it, in the meantime it could be used for horses or light agriculture.

There’s great money in them photons. Especially those posh high-energy ones. A punnet of those in Donnybrook Fare will set you back a fair few euro.

I have to stongly disagree. Look at the google map. This is green belt with absolutely no requirement for additional housing. Are you putting a site value on the front garden? - how very bubble of you. In fact the land is nigh on worthless as it is not even useful as farmland.

I also love the high voltage power lines crossing the property. My chickens can lay cooked eggs.

That’s what McNamara, the DDDA and the rest of the geniuses said about the Irish Glass Bottle site. And that worked out so well for everyone.

Add another 34 and buy yourself a mule.

Not having a requirement for housing in an area never stopped a county council before, more’s the pity. But I’m not really putting a site value on it, except in the long term perhaps. I’d see it as value to someone who wants to keep horses, maybe have a small organic chicken business or similar. Stick poly tunnels on it, grow food.

The power lines are an issue, I hadn’t seen them. But I wouldn’t dismiss 6 acres of land within shouting distance of Dublin as having no value as you are doing.

I take something of a middle ground on the 6 acres. I agree with Cheeky Offer that at the current point in time there is no immediate need for additional housing nearby. I also agree with FirstBass that 6 acres in the Dublin hinterland will at some point in the future have development potential.

Overall I come down closer to Cheeky’s point (nothing personal FB). I don’t think there is much likelihood of development potential or any other value-creating use (other than agricultural) coming out of those 6 acres in the next 7-10 years. And I think that with the current state of the market, there is very little chance of finding a buyer bullish, brave or bovine enough to attach a value to those six acres with a view to such a long-term return that is at this stage laden with uncertainty.

Whatever the vendor might hope for, I personally can’t see the six acres carrying any weight if this place sells. It’s akin to a few houses I saw last year where the EA was trying to impress buyers with the potential to build an extra house in the mews or side garden. The Irish house buyer has played that particular game of Russian roulette, and lost. That leaves the full-time property developers, but they’re not in the office to take that call right now.

Sale Agreed: … lin/242561

Sold for 530k.