Now 317500 … earchlist=

Was 345k, I don’t know how to find the cached details. Originally on market for 355k (around last Sept) if memory serves me

2 price drops already, at this rate it’ll be down to 280k by Easter.

Here you go. 345K

New to the market… :unamused:

cache dates from 30Jan if I remember rightly.

so yeah, very new.

Not that new.

Good find, I love the way they throw in the tag “family residence”, the place is called College Green, is only up the road form the university and in my experience, most definitely full with students :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I took a look at rents in Maynooth, they’re up 10-20% since I rented last year :open_mouth: The strange thing is that there is more property than ever available to rent. Lots of new apartments have recently come on stream.

Maynooth could be an interesting barometer for property in the greater Dublin region.

This property has gone sale agreed at “slightly under” 317.5k :open_mouth:

Not a bad house and although the estate is full of students its quiet enough and has no more than at least 5 or 6 other estates in Maynooth

I’d say that was an investor lucky to get out by the skin of their teeth and a FTB or Investor who thinkgs they’ve gotten a bargain.