Mayo Council in €9m debt buys hotel for €800,000

Castlebar Imperial purchase a ‘vanity project’ – Ring → … &Itemid=46

For fuck’s sake, if it was worth something, there’d be more than just the council looking to buy it.

Anyone know who owns it…how many degrees of separation to get to a Mayo County Council member?

must admit I not familiar with the hotel or area,
but 800K…wasn’t the cost of rebuilding the Shelbourne Hotel off Stephens Green estimated at 1milion per room?

I’ve no idea the price of hotels but the Four Seasons for example is estimated to be selling at 30 million ( so perhaps 800K is a good steal given the recent Jobs initiative/budget to boost the tourism sector. … ayo/62086/

edit: from the description, it seems that it is totally inappropriate for offices: … ncil-.html

Commercial property price recover led by Castlebar…

Can’t see it being a huge boost to tourism, the plan is to change it primarily into County Council Offices. Assuming the building where the land league was formed won’t be a large tourist attraction to UK/US.

I think we have the seeds of the green shoots of an idea for “The Recovery” here!

Having sold the place at such inflated prices for the last ten years…

Lets come in at rock bottom prices now and buy the place back!

We’ll make a fucking fortune!!!

Ger Deere was (and probably still is) Enda Kenny’s Parliamentary Assistant and right hand man in the constituency.