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How much are we paying this sanctimonous windbag again? … 35508.html

Ive given up writing letters to the newspaper but I’m tempted…

Ms. McAleese’s column in your newspaper saying our young people are a bridge to a better future is so true.
Around the same time she was writing this column she also signed the NAMA legislation. She has committed young people to paying back the debts of a few hundred developers and a few insolvent banks . Informed opinion believes this will leave these young people several tens of billions poorer over the next decade, with the benefits going to those who have caused the collapse in the economy.
The actions of Ms McAleese have demonstrated how it is intended for these young people to be bridges, they will be walked over and used by the current generation in power who are securing their own future, no matter what the long term cost

Very good comeback.
No way in hell it would be printed though.

Well worth having a go though.

Could try getting it in under the comments at the bottom of the online article.

Our youth a bridge to the future… eh Mary…
there also a nice little rental market on properties in Belfast especially if you keep the deposit cos they left to go home for the summer
is that wagon still president of ireland…
would you ever return to that fucking well your always harping on about in your speeches about ‘returning to the well of our traditions, returning to the well of our Irish spirit, the well of our spiritual tradition’’ and drop your self in it.

Must be lovely eating your dinner in the Aras with all those pictures of Douglas Hyde still wet on the walls and you after the signing off the country down the swanee

These people dont merit debate, all they are worthy of is vitriol, bile and venom .

I disagree with this.
Our President will be fully aware of the pros and cons of NAMA, to believe otherwise is simply wrong, so she did not sign the bill out of ignorance or not giving a damn, she signed it because, whether we pinsters like it or not, she decided NAMA represents the ONLY chance of Ireland remaining a republic and a sovereign state (and even with it, that’s still not guaranteed at all).
The President signed it because she has a duty to do all in her power to protect our country’s sovereignty.
Because make no mistake, without NAMA, the country’s entire professional class gets wiped out, completely wiped out, and with it the whole infrastructure of state.
And sadly, whether we like it or not, when it comes to naked survival of the state, certain people ARE more equal than others. It’s always been like that, and we always knew it, we’ve all read Animal Farm, haven’t we?
By signing the bill, our President has made the judgement that the harm caused by NAMA will somehow be more manageable than the harm caused by not implementing NAMA.
None of us can know whether that is the right judgement or not.
All each one of us can now do is resolve to do everything in our power to survive the coming catastrophe, or be one of those who don’t.

I’m happy to go down with the ship if it means a greater sacrifice. By sinking now we save the future generations. They’ll learn to build a bigger fucking boat and no monkeys for crew.

All that happens now is the monkeys have the lifeboats and the crippled vessel limps on, holed below the waterline, generation after generation taking on more water despite the valiant efforts of the populace.

President of a bunch of monkeys whilst the people slave away to save a failed state.


I’d say she actually signed it because that’s her job. It doesn’t matter a damn what she thinks of a bill, unless she believes it’s contrary to our constitution. And even then, she doesn’t make that decision herself.

Bush II used to start every ridiculous justification with “Make no mistake…” - I find it hard to take any sentence that begins thus seriously.

Again, she has done no such thing.

I agree exiled, at best she probably asked what is this about and then signed it havilg been given the note scribbled on a sheet of paper stuck on the front of it with blu tak by the minister for finance. :open_mouth:

That’s so true! Fair comment. :blush:

without NAMA infers its NAMA or nothing … well thats not the case. Theres loads of other options. Even a version of NAMA without the ridiculous LTEVs, legal loopholes and personel involved would be better than this NAMA.

*Mods : this isnt an attack on the poster TPP rules and all that… *
"without NAMA.blah blah blah " says who … who died and elected you or any other pro-NAMAite The king of Economic analysis and the sage and prophet of all alternative economic roadmaps.

McAleese balked, walked and squaked like a fucking chicken .
Considering my kids will be paying for her complicity,
next time she opens up her Aras to the public Im going to be up there to get some creamy buns myself.

I hope the bills don’t arrive at the Aras with the little “Sign Here -->” stickers on them. That would be more than I could take. Or a little yellow sticky note saying “Please sign both copies and return one by Friday, Regards, Lenny.”

What a ridiculous post. A passionate rally call to the Republic our forefathers killed and died for, followed by a gombeen howl of “every man for himself, may the devil take the hindmost!” Well, which is it, 'cause it can’t be both?

HackAleese did what her handlers told her to do, what we pay her very well to do - look out for the interests of the gombeen mafia running this country. Even if the country suffers total ecomomic meltdown to the extent that Richard Boyd Barrett ends up in charge we’ll still be a sovereign republic, and no amount of FF scaremongering can change that.


She’s a two bit fianna fail hackette

Sure it’s the only show in town!
:angry: 8-

FFS - what a load of wank.

As exiled said, McAleese has to sign it unless she thinks it’s unconstitutional. She is a figurehead President. All we need now is some gobshite like Vaclav Claus in the Aras f_cking up the democratic process by abusing the constitution.

tut tut tut … so you think our constitution is a load of wank, just cos The president and her supporters treat it like a load of wank …

Article 27
5. 1° In every case in which the President decides that a Bill the subject of a petition under this Article contains a proposal of such national importance that the will of the people thereon ought to be ascertained, he shall inform the Taoiseach and the Chairman of each House of the Oireachtas accordingly in writing under his hand and Seal and shall decline to sign and promulgate such Bill as a law unless and until the proposal shall have been approved either
i by the people at a Referendum in accordance with the provisions of section 2 of Article 47 of this Constitution within a period of eighteen months from the date of the President’s decision, or
ii by a resolution of Dáil Éireann passed within the said period after a dissolution and re-assembly of Dáil Éireann.

There was no other way Captain, there was no other option , I had to drive straight into that iceberg.

Someoen get out the Freedom of information kitty, and check if she did get permission for leaving hte state on all those trips to Vanau Vatu…
9. The President shall not leave the State during **his **term of office save with the consent of the Government.

note the frequent use of he/his … ffs it seems its unconstitutional to have a female president in the first place . 8DD