McCreevy used €1.6m loan for a luxury K Club home - Indo

“If I have it, I’ll spend it”

It appears that

“if I don’t have it, i’ll spend it” also applied

MOD : could someone rename this thread and make it a generic thread for Fingers Fingleton Irish Nationwide Fastrack loans to FF ministers or something like that

Miriam O’Callaghan had a lovely chat with Charlie 2 weeks back, on Miriam meets
The usual stirring investigative interview by Miriam O’Callaghan … :angry:
Part 1 Is the personal early life stuff
Part 2 Is the political stuff

In my opinion Charlie has a simple MO… he claims he cant be held responsible for anything bad that’s happened since he left , but he claims lots of responsibility for anything he deems positive that he may have initiated

Another FF scumbag.

Great to see Brendan Burgess is right on the case in that Indo article…

Hes right , the regulator needs to be regulated, maybe they should establish a consumer panel to overview its work, Brendan would make a great Chairman…woooohhhhh just had a massive déjà vu

It would be one thing if the country was ruled by an evil genius elite who sold the wealth of future generations to benefit themselves and their cronies in the banks and amongst the builders, but it is somewhat sobering to realise that our leaders were as blind to the bubble as the Moodys. In effect, our rulers were morons. This leads to a supplementary conclusion: our rulers are morons.

The whole recap/bailout/NAMA fiasco has to be seen in light of the demonstrable stupidity of those who conceived it. How can it possibly work out OK, except as a result of blind chance? We really would have been as well off putting all that additional debt on the GGs.

Just throwing something out here.

So what if well connected people got loans from banks with minimal paperwork/risk analysis? These are private companies (not state owned) whose sole purpose is to take risks and generate profits for their shareholders. If they take too much risk, their gamble fails and they go bust and they all lose their jobs.

The problem is that we are bailing out these institutions and are not punishing the higher management. Without the bailout, they would have all lost their jobs and bonuses.

In summary, I think the media/we should be attacking the bank management, not the people taking out the loans!


thats waht I loved about the 80s bit of fucking passion, even in tennis, none of this bland namby pamby politicaly correct bullshit, trying to sound intelligent by making high-brow arguements and refusing to condem and getting a pain in the hole from sitting on the fence.

I find it excessively irritating that this K Club gaff is described as a ‘home. It is a couple of miles as the crow files from his actual home. It is not, was not and was never intended as a’home’ The fucking peasant was buying a trophy in the wankers’ playground just down the road.

The consolation I take is that it is now ‘worth’ half or less what he paid for it.

Now ‘Doctor’ , Sir’ Michael is upset cos Gerry Gannon is welching on such things as the grass-cutting bills and the current Taoiseach does not spend Sunday mornings reading the papers (or at least looking at the pictures) for a couple of hours.
The place is going to hell -which of course is where it belongs.

I look forward to dock leaves engulfing the fairways.

Say what you like about the members and clubhouse… but leave the golf course out of this :slight_smile:

This revelation came from a solitary whistleblower. I doubt very much the 3 FF lads are the only elected reresentatives who have benefited in this way from the banking industry. It would be delightful if a few more names came floating to the surface. OF course it’s reasonable to assume that those who have the largest poperty portfolios are the ones most likely to have done business with the banks and the ones most likely to have benefited in a similar way to Charlie Mac here…

Whats wrong about letting it return to nature ?

The lake could be useful though as a repository for a goodly number wearing quick-drying cement overcoats

It’s a problem because this preferential treatment

leads to this

I’d say an Anglo whistleblower would have a story or two to tell.

whose up…
your up Charlie
nice drive Michael
by the way Charlie, how much was that loan you were looking for
1.5 million Michael, for that nice loooking des-res over by the 15th dogleg
ok… if you chip in from there we will make it 1.6 million
…ball hits flag…plonks in the hole
Jaysus I was lucky with that shot Michael. What about the paper work on the loan
Charlie you sign off on an 86 for me , want to keep the handicap high dont you know, and I will sign off on the loan no bother.
Charlie will you look over there, is that Tiger Woods , whats he doing with that rabbit?
Michael say nothing, I dont want ot get involved Tigers and me dont mix.

Anyone ever been at the K-Club on a normal day (ie not a crowded event day)? It must be one of the most miserable, un-fun, windswept, grey, uninspired, boring places in the country. It feels like walking into Burger King, only without the yummy flame-grilled taste wafting though the air.

Sad sights like Ray O’Brien looking for lost balls in the rough. He’el have to find and sell a lot of those second-hand to afford the sub this year. The car business aint what it was when you could sign a fella up in the Clubhouse for a flash new motor and run him the few miles down to the ‘Car Outlet’ to dispense with the paperwork in a thrice. Its an even shorter run now to the Merlin compound where they will knock it out to you for half the price.

Someone told me Noel Smyth went into a bunker last August and hasn’t been seen since. Its so worrying. Mick will tell you its hardly worth travelling from Monaco when there’s only a couple of Lithuanian waiters to give you a standing ovation when you enter the restaurant and they dont even know who you are. Still make a smashing set for 28 Days 3

28 years later and Ireland will still be overwhelmed by zombie banks.

ps. over to you WGU. :wink:

Doing a bit of a Bad Santa/Morgan Kelly thing at the moment. Zombie golfing sounds fun though.

How many other Fianna Fail hacks got these quickie loans without any review as Fingleton ran Irish Nationwide like his own principality, like:

Fingleton authorised quick loan for Celia Larkin … 21194.html

That’s the nail on the head. TDs dont disclose liabilties, only assets.

I suspect the fact that he could rent it ouf for the Ryder Cup for about €50k a week was also a factor. Could be interesting to find out what he did that week i.e. did he have a load of FF or “corporate” friends round and put down for €50k in expenses.

Celia got a quickie from Fingers Fingleton… does Bertie know.

Jaysus this crowd are sick scum bags, I dont mind criminals to some degree cos they dont go out of their way to appear on television in expensive clothes and hiardos and tell us how responsible they are and tell us how we should live our lives , how they work for the people and are only in it to serve the Irish nation.
Complete and utter bollix, FF and the bankers just a bunch of common thieves really.