McDaid may vote against the government. … 36368.html

Not until after NAMA, once thats in they will walk out of office.

Going against the juggernaught that is FF can’t be easy.
Must feel like driving against a wall of on-coming traffic.
Don’t know if I’d have the courage without a few stiff drinks.

That this character is still a TD speaks volumes. Clearly, looking to get the rebranding as independent FF underway, the sooner the better!

Does Jimbo not have form on throwing his toys out of the pram? And then cooing when given a soother?

If he was serious, he’d be holding out with his vote on the budget up for sale and looking to be expelled, not resign the whip… unless he’s reasonably certain that the budget isn’t going to pass and there’ll be a general election and he needs to build up his independent organisation?

believe it when i see it. Also, the opposition, if they really truly wanted an election, would withdraw pairing for all events except life or death medical emergencies

Donegal TD Jim McDaid has withdrawn his support for the Government and said he will consider voting against it in Dáil motions ‘if and when necessary’.

His decision follows an acrimonious meeting of Fianna Fáil members in Letterkenny last night, which saw Dr McDaid and a number of his supporters walk out.

The party met to appoint officers for the Letterkenny/Milford electoral area. However, Dr McDaid left when the first two positions went to Deputy Niall Blaney supporters.

The former minister was followed by councillors Tadhg Culbert, Victor Fisher and Ciaran Brogan and today he informed the party whip by letter that he had withdrawn his support for Government.


So one tribal chief throws his toys out of the pram when a rival tribal chief gets the upper hand.

Sweet divine jaysus is it too much to ask for that we might elect an odd TD who believes in serving the country and has a bit of statesmanship to him or her?

Or are we destined to keep voting in bullshitters and village idiots until we’re all back to cutting turf and growing spuds?

On the whole, I’d be a tad more concerned about the fact that he is still a GP. Has he ever admitted to having a drink problem & sought help, or has the GMC put him under a supervision order ?

Oh, and he is back driving again. Isn’t that a cheery thought !

Don’t worry, expect a government-funded wool-gathering centre to be set up in Letterkenny. There’s still plenty of pork to go round…

National Center for Conscience Wrangling.