McDonalds Ireland CEO says NAMA hurting expansion plans

Just an extract from a wider interview in the Sunday Tribune

It’s an interesting perspective from someone at the coalface. Could he be considered impartial to NAMA in theory? I would expect so.

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If I was planning on using a developer who was in such a bad position that they were being dragged into NAMA I’d be delighted that they hadn’t taken my money first.

Surely this is a good thing for Ronald Mc and Co that they didn’t hand over a vast sum to a developer before they went bust?

You have to remember that all land & development loans with Irish banks went into NAMA regardless of the solvency of the individual developer. Being beholden to NAMA is no guarantee that Ronald McD picked a bust developer but it’s no guarantee that they didn’t.

Never forget …

“McDonald’s is not in the hamburger business but in the real estate business.” - Ray Kroc

I remember someone telling me a few years ago that the bulk of Mickey Ds profits were from renting outlets to franchisees.

Hopefully they wont be able to open any more “restaurants”. McDonalds dont contribute anything to this country, as they dont employ irish people, and they ruin our peoples health with their garbage food.

McDonalds are a form of marketing warfare. Stay out of my country you bunch of obesity peddling scum.

It’s an ill wind etc…

According to IBEC 1 in 5 burgers sold by McDonalds in Europe is made from Irish Beef, I guess that must contribute something. :wink:

1 in 5? So what? Where do they get the other 4 from, clear felled rain forest in the amazon? 1 in 5 is probably ireland share of the european beef market anyway, so theyre not doing us any particular favours.

Anyway calling their burgers “beef” is stretching the meaning of the word. “Mechanically recovered meat” is not beef, IMHO. Neither is the sweepings from the floor of the abatoir or ground down hooves and eyeballs.

In the USA, its commonly accepted that only poor ghetto blacks or kids bribed by a free toy, eat McDonalds food. Most middle class whites avoid the place.

Why not 5 out of 5 so? This is making me hungry. Im off to McDonalds.

McDonalds or other tenants would not take such risks. The way it works is that McDonalds sign up an agreement for lease with the developer. The Developer takes this to the bank and gets finance to build the premises. McDonalds are obliged to take a lease of the premises when built to their specificatiions. McDonalds do not fund the construction up front. Rather the future rent is the bank’s security for providing the funding.

and you don’t discriminate? You won’t take it personally if I believe you have a scummy mind. I know you’re too classy to respond to this.

If I have a “scummy mind” then its because its helps me to survive in a population of scummy people.

That would explain the siege mentality.

Stats or STFU

fixed that for you

Unsurprisingly their food tastes of bricks and mortar!! :smiley:

Mc Donalds do not force feed anyone

Don’t bother BJB, you can’t argue with anyone who’s mind is a ghetto for unsubstantiated diatribes. Their greatest fear may be that McDonalds may be the only employer they may ever have, and even then it might be as part of some community service programme.

McDonalds to be eradicted from Bolivia.

Anyone know the indigenous ratio for this islands population? :angry: