McKinsey gets thousands a day for Anglo merger work

McKinsey gets thousands a day for Anglo merger work - Laura Noonan -> … 34739.html

500 yoyos for graduates being trained by the work is crackers. At worst they should be zero cost, at best McKinsey should be paying the state for the experience on offer.

It is as if they want to goad people.
Lar Bradshaw was the chairman of Anglo and the head of McKinsey in Ireland.

And now McKinsey are in integrating Anglo and INBS. :sick:

Here’s the Jack Welsh plan for integrating businesses
If there are two people in the two banks doing the same job, you make one of them redundant and merge the roles.

That’ll be 100,000 euro please.

Was the work tendered for?

I dislike a just hire the market leader attitude.

Lots of Irish people/companies could surely have done this work.

If we dont pay for the best possible advice we may end up making unwise choices.

Know nothing about this area but "Lots of Irish people companies could surely have done this work? Eh-wasn’t it “lots of Irish people/companies” who got us into this bleedin hole to begin with. Wouldn’t be as quick as you to trust the shinola shovelling quality of Irish digging implements in this regard.

McKinsey had their paw marks all over the banks in Ireland, plus the HSE. So yes it is :sick:

Combined with the Nama hire news it’s clear they don’t give a short sharp shit anymore for sheeple reaction

If you thought they were worth it and not just Lar Bradshaw replicas you’d get them to report on whether NAMA was fit for purpose and whether leadership, structure and operations compared to blackstone etc.

Firm being paid €90,000 per week to advise Government on banks -> … 91278.html