McLauglin vs McWilliams worth a listen if you have the times

Dan “the future is so bright I gotta wear shades” McLaughlin vs David “doom and gloom” McWilliams. … r-mouth-is

Dan was jonesing to lend the government money for infrastructure projects. He was also saying the housing market has reached a ‘mature’ stage with 3% nominal growth expected this year. Very good of McWilliams to call their bluff, by attempting to short the housing market. It was also interesting that the VI’s choose to ignore inconvienient facts like 1 in 6 houses empty and instead focus on nominal growth.

If you listen to the long version does anyone think Dan McLaughlin actually understands inflation?


a very good friend of mine works with Dr. Dan, and according to him, what the good doctor says behind closed doors is “somwhat at variance” with what we on the outside hear reported.

You don’t get to be chief anything of a major organisation without knowing how to play the political and sales “spin” games.

Caveat Emptor.

Anyway, I’m going to download it and listen on the ould ipod.

Blue Horseshoe

Yes you would have to think so. If he seriously was giving the same advice internally I am sure the directors would be cashing in on their options as no-one with a half functioning brain could swallow his public utterances. I have heard that internally in one of the big mutuality’s they believe that the market has also peaked. Funnily enough they have not made this public, I wonder why… :wink:

That explains why he was jonesing for the government business, if you read between the lines and express focus on ‘nominal’ growth, he’s really saying game over.

It would be in Dr Dan’s and comical Austin’s best interests to read up and take heed of what happened to Nicolae Ceausescu once his Romanian bubble burst. The pair of boys will be on the run from a very large section of fools that took their advice… In financial terms there can be nothing more gauling as think you are rich and then discovering that you will be forever poor, one will be very angry and out for blood, so to speak…