McNamara consortium questioned about funding for prison

Why don’t the State tell Bernard and his large-arse consortium to phuck off?

That is the question.

With deals of this nature does one really have to ask this question?

Welcome to nu perfect Ireland, bernard the gaelor.

Wonder if bernard himself, will have to spend time in his super-nick because he didnt pay his debts.

I think any project to build a new prison should be way more prisoner-centric.

Land prices and development hang-ups are a distraction from the core aim: rehabilitation of prisoners.

I don’t believe in locking people up in a clinical environment designed for the dehumanisation of body, mind and soul.

What measures are being taken to safeguard the well-being of prisoners?

Or is it all about the bottom line and the develpment itself?

Good. We imprison too many as it is.

Fucking bankrupt ideology of neoliberalism.

Agreed. This is a left-over project from the Ranelagh Fascist, McDowell.

Neoliberalism doesn’t have very much to do with penal policy. I recall Stalin and Mao were rather fond of locking people up too.

Of course it may be that a new prison would have better living conditions than the overcrowded monstrosities in place today and that McDowell was concerned about rehabilitation and prisoner living standards.

The best way to build way to build the new prison would be to get chain gangs of convicts to do the labour.
The CIF wouldn’t like it though!

Why? Cos they’re in the chain gang or the chain gang undercuts their members?


It wouldn’t be the first time prisoners built a prison…

Maybe the same ones that were taken to safeguard the well-being of victims?

It would be better to concentrate on reforming judicial procedure to avoid sending to prison those who would be better treated elsewhere, than to ensure all prisoners had a cushy time when they got there.

Was waiting for this.

It’s a different issue entirely.

Once a judge passes a sentence, that’s it. The issue is finalised as far as the state are concerned. The victim/their family effectively has no more say. Probably a good thing because it gives closure to the case. Justice is served and that’s pretty much the end of it.

We can talk about victim’s well-being on another thread if you wish.

Philosophical argument…

If sentencing for a particular crime tends to be based on precedence, then Justice is served in declining measure as the level of prisoner comforts rise … discuss.

(Basic requirements = toilet facilities. Comforts = TV’s and the like).