McNamara, FitzPatrick facing bankruptcy 'in weeks' … 38244.html

I’ll believe it when I see it. As of this moment, I simply don’t believe this is going to happen.

You, sir, are a card and a japester and I commend you for your ribaldry!

Where’s the perp walk?

Still, from the arrest at the time, we got my favourite Wiki edit of all time!


How many ex-bank bosses in the US are in the clink? They continue to lead their lavish lifestyles.

Fitzpatrick to offer banks private deal

Anglo is not because as we’ve been told already we will see nothing from this blackhole. But is it worth the losses just to see Seany being getting what he deserves?

My understanding is that SF is STILL collecting 400k+ as a pension from AI as we speak…?

will this merely be garnished for 12 years then he gets to cash in again?

Or will it be garished at all?

or does he lose the lot?

Is this project 419? … qqqx=1.asp

Movido Exploration and Production


Board of Directors

Board Committees

Such a perfect personification of anglo and the quality of its loans that repayment now becomes reliant on a bunch of nigerians.
AAA Bullet-proof stuff I tells yez !

If he owns it, they’d get it anyway. :unamused:

I’d argue that he doesn’t even own it - where did he get the funds for it in the first place?

Surely if it can be proved that his investment was funded by his hidden loans then it’s not even his to barter with.

GoodLuck Jonathan
Goodluck Seanie … 44859.html … 45560.html


Just when you thought the fucker couldn’t get any more objectionable, a Nigerian oil well?

Ken Saro-Wiwa bloody wept!!! :imp:

Doesn’t look as if there is a PR strategy in place … life-.html