McNamara sues Cuisine founder over €18m drop value of site

Boo hoo. The bad boy made me buy it.

Yeah this is definitely a case of “I want me marbles back”.


How extraordinary - if McNamara & Co. are successful with this sue, maybe Joe Public can sue the mean Developer (i.e. McNamara himself?)/ EA/ Vendor for entising him into buying a property valued at bubble peak price as well!? Quite a few people have to hand back quite a few bobs then… and the courts will be busier than ever.

Astonishing! What are they thinking? Honestly.

Can’t see them being successful with this venture though. That said - I don’t know their “connections”, but it would be more than scandalous if they would get away with this.

Great point

I hope he wins and sets a precedent. Then everyone who bought shoeboxes and cardboard houses off these gougers goes and demands their money back also. Complete financial collapse Irish style XX


Bernard McNamara (ex FF councillor)

All hail the Gombeenarchy

from the above article

does this mean the only settlement was that the case has been abanoned with costs to macnamee?

an expensive fit of pique
Whoever persuaded them to drop the case did them a huge favour.

That’s what it sounds like. I wonder what it was really about? A card game gone wrong? A bad round of golf? Hopefully, we’ll see an end to vanity court cases along with vanity everything else…

Jim O’Callaghan S.C. failed FF general election candidate, brother of Miriam and of course he represented Ahern as well.Does a lot of work for FF and their gombeen followers.

Ah, Miriam was nearly in tears one night there a few months ago asking Brian Lenihan about a horrendous opinion poll result for Fianna Fail.

Nobody could accuse her of not wearing her Fianna Fail loving heart on her sleeve. She was clearly more upset by it than Lenny :slight_smile:

Jim was successful in the locals - now a Dublin City Councillor.

Yeah, I see that. Was he already a sitting councillor? I can’t remember. I accused FF of being corrupt at a public meetimng once and Jim got all upset saying they weren’t to much hilarity amongst the audience. Still as one of the barristers of choice for FF he should be kept busy as they turn on each other plus and the various trips to the hight court by Ahern et al to prevent the trutrh coming out. Ah, the nobility of it all! His family must be so proud!

No he was elected for the first time …