MCW - €4.5k per pupil, per year subsidy to private schools


The thing is that some parents in private schools in addition to paying fees are also asked for voluntary donations. Remember private educational institutions are globally the largest recipients of philantrophic donations and Irish private schools get a share.


Daniel, it’s way more likely that the parents of those children would use the fees to buy educational advantage outside school hours…grinds, tutoring, educational trips, better online resources etc. The mini-industry that already exists would expand to capture all this freed-up money.

The argument seems to boil down to some people wanting the state to say ‘if you won’t educate your children in the public system, then you get nothing from the public purse’ and others saying that ‘if you pay €X for that child’s education then pay €X for my child’s education and keep your ideology out’.
It’s just like the private health insurance argument again but seeing as half the country has that, the inequality principle must only matter when its not a matter of life and death (or a waiting list).


True, good point.


There is a story in the Sunday Times about parents in 30 Dublin fee paying schools co-ordinating a letter writing campaign to Labour TDs about maintaining the status quo and threatening about the impact of the 175,000 votes that are on the line from fee paying parents and past pupils.

Such hypocrites. They’d rail against clientelism when it suits them. Now they’ve obviously sewn up FG and are looking to annoy Labour into dropping it.


Debate coming up on pat kenny this morning


Do you mean Kieran*" right"* Allen “right”, the Sociology “right” lecturer “right”? It must be great to be right all the time - right?


Business Post reporting:
Creditors meeting called for Aravon School in Rathmichael

Posh Independent prep school, receives no State funding (Chris de Burgh is a noted supported though)

Anyone explain why they wouldn’t get the state funding?


+1 and it starts before school even does. You can see on day 1 who has a supportive home environment - they already know numbers and letters, can read some, add some etc. It continues all the way through. It makes no difference to how ‘bright’ your child is, but it makes a big difference to how able they are to learn.


I agree, I can’t understand for the life of me why so many parents (usually working class) have very little interest in their children’s education. They see school as a childminding service.


Actually, it is as bad or worse among those who don’t see themselves as working class. I really don’t think you can split it along class lines whether self-defined or not.


Been saying all of this for years.


I guess this makes it official, that official Ireland prefers the private option. … -1.1501231

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How do you like them apples, DES?


Well, who could have predicted that?

Anybody know which schools are applying?


The Indo’s version: ‘Talented boy must go to private school’

Sounds like there was a perfectly decent option available in the public system and that the father was concerned not just about how the fees would be paid for the next 6 years but also about meeting extra-curricular expenses and about his son generally fitting in socially. No mention of whether this genius has siblings but that must be another consideration. You can’t really send one to the supposedly better (private) school and then send his brother/sister to a lesser (public) school.


That insufferable champion of mediocrity and despiser of success, “Aoeon” O’Riordain, on Newstalk a minute ago more or less confirming that he will be only too delighted to see educational standards dragged down to the lowest common denominator. Fairness and Equality at any price - it seems.


So it’s the time of year that journalists are relying on MMO’C for comments.

What’s the point in saying the government can’t afford 55 schools when 12 are applying. We’d be more interested to know can they afford the 12.

“buy the school out”? The government has always used schools it doesn’t own. I assume they won’t need to buy the school buildings.

The state is already paying the teachers, so are we talking only about the capitation grants of around 500e per pupil? If so unless there are huge numbers of students it’s hard to see it putting much of a dent in the education budget.


Parents will just use the money they save on going private for extra tuition and grinds for their children.


I think Newtown based in Waterford is going to apply.