MCW - €4.5k per pupil, per year subsidy to private schools


Not sure mechanism, science, engineering, comp sci. etc. go out of date either.


In my entirely biased view I think there is quite a lot of disciplinary diversity in terms of what gives a good allround education. Maybe I am biased but I think Economics/Psychology/History would be up there. Engineering and CS are OK. Chemistry, Law and Accountancy seem a bit disastrous to my mind. The Humanities/Arts make the shrillest claims for their broad grounding with the least evidence presented (true to form?). I sometimes suspect that they can cite so many examples of people using a humanities/arts degree to make a successful living in some disparate field because they set such an employability challenge to their grads that it forces some impressive examples. Also it may be that well connected people can better afford to study Arts. With regard to Business Grads I think if they can sell stuff, market stuff or be entrepreneurial they could probably do it before they went to college. Of course these could be just bitter ramblings.


I would definitely make it compulsory to do some sort of business course and domestic science to teach a bit beyond coping level skills for real life. Everyday things like managing household income and expenditure, paying invoices/bills, and so many need help with basic nutrition…it seems a bit nannyish, but it also seems like it’s necessary


The Junior Cert curriculum for Religion is a bit like that, several religions are taught. I think it’s brilliant


Not the most detailed of analyses, but there’s something to think about:

private schooling myth debunked


Depending on how you look at it, all Irish primary schools are public (or perhaps they’re all private, since responsibilities are outsourced to boards of management). So that one doesn’t help/hinder in Ireland.


Yiz are only begrudgers. Spending yer money on pints and holliers in Tenerife. Ye should be glad that awntrpreneurs like Geoff are subsidising yer sprogs, ye ungrateful b@stards

#428 from post on page 31. I noted that the percentage of students getting 350 or more points increased from 37.7% in 2000 to 47.3% in 2013 (An increase of over 25%). Is Normalisation ( Marks upwards over the last 13 years the explanation for this as I do not believe that students now are smarter or study more than their 2000 counterparts. If normalisation of marks upwards is the reason then why? Is it to give the preception that the Irish Students of 2013 are a good deal smarter than they were in 2000.


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PS the most coherent argument of all is that the majority of the fees that people pay goes to employ people.


I received one of those “voluntary” donation letters home from my lad’s free primary school

what is the going rate?


€250 was what ours requested per family.


€50 per child capped at €150, at CoI in Tullamore.

The difference is that it is that the department and it’s Labour Minister can have clean hands on free primary education. At the same time, though, the department assesses that schools should fund-raise through voluntary contributions for certain activities (heat, light, water rates, IT fixing, photocopying, maintenance, etc. since they provide insufficient funds to do these things… this is before you get to the non-core things that the original voluntary contribution was supposed to provide).


We are a low tax economy. So I am told all the time.


We come 20th in both literacy and numeracy.

Read more: … z2hjMNj2SI


€250 per first Child, €100 for each subsequent child

But they are very good with book expenses and no uniform, swings and roundabouts


€250 is just over the threshold for the school to claim tax back off revenue with the CHY2 form.


It was included with the envelope.


Interesting ethical angle to the Middle Class Welfare. See calls it “peculiarity” I’d say dysfunctionality. … -1.2418659

Now that the Budget is over and the Middle Class Welfare many of their Dublin readers enjoy is safe, the Irish Times can do some soul searching. Paper of Record my arse.


I don’t think that’s correct, as parents already pay for education through their taxes and then pay for it again through school fees.


Do you want the state to pay half the cost of your taxi too, because you don’t like to travel on the bus ?