Meath 'Love Is In The Air' 50% off.

I bet this vendor isn’t feeling the love.

|O How many times do I have to say it.
They are sale agreed - not sold !
Nothing is sold in a week.

The path from one stage to the other is a long journey where if anything can go wrong, it will.

Why do I even try ? :unamused:

Ha ha ha! Whats going to be next, an orgy of buying maybe?

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to report these as “sales”.

This is exactly the kind of story we need to force the Irish property market to correct. Unfortunately most people are idiots and don’t realise the market now only exists at price points not actually available, until prices drop nothing will happen. If other vendors follow suit it’ll be good news for all.

When you see price deductions like this, you have got to wonder if Morgan Kelly was being too conservative with his 60-80% prediction.

The floor of the market seems to be moving further and further away.

I don’t know folks, I feel this is another bit of a milestone. I reckon Tom will be on the war path after that. What started with Capel developments all those months ago is breeding. What happened to “We are selling almost a cost and people couldn’t possibly sell for any lower than that.”
The neighbours trying in vain to flog their gaff for 250K have now just seen a sizeable section of their target market taken out and a precident has been set that would make anyone look foolish if they paid more than the folk who got in at 169K.

Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat. First hints of a capitulation which could go pretty widespread by 2010.

Could have also called it ‘Blood Is In The Water’ campaign.

3 beds for 175k?
We’re beginning to leave the realm of the absurb but only beginning mind. For somebody on 30k, that’s 5.8 times earnings. It’s not brilliant but it’s a damn size better than it was.

This is one for the feministas 8-

Are we to believe that these 3 bed semi’s had original asking prices of 350k? Seems unlikely to me. I’d say the vendor of the second hand house above is physically sick. I know I would be.

Indeed they are not! Poor bastard(s)

As well as the 75k price hit they will have to take. There is also the issue that they are selling a second hand home, so unless they can get a FTB to take it off their hands, the prospective buyer would be liable to stamp duty, meaning they may have to reduce the price further. On the plus side, it is already decorated and should have been snagged ironing out some of the usual shoddy build quality which seems par for the course with modern developments. This may help offset the stamp duty issue. Still 75k in a matter of months. If someone lost that gambling you’d send them to rehab!

I live in Navan on the opposite side of town to that estate. I know that estate well. It’s considered the best area in Navan to live. Eh, I am not trying to sell my house but if I were, I know that the asking price is DOWN to €230k for a 3 bed semi d. That’s down from a peak of €317k two years ago. Eh, I don’t think they will get that now. No wonder there are loads of For Sale signs around the neighbourhood. Poor b@stards if they bought at the top of the market. Thank God, I bought 10 years ago…before all the madness … 511c8.html

Never heard such ridiculous turd polishing in my entire life. These people are stuck. Do they not see it ?

And what would you like their response to be Alan? Head exploding and spelling out “you were right” in blood? They are taking their medicine, so what is the problem with an optimistic way of doing it?

you’re so right,
the fact that the taxi industry is suffering as bad as the construction industry means he’s right to be optimistic, in a few weeks he’ll be shut of passengers complaining in his car (he’ll be lucky to have any passengers as people cut back on their spending)!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry - not glee - honestly. Thats just a funny turn-of-phrase by CtJ. I do think KtJ has a point there though - its one thing for these people to know they made a mistake. Its another for them to castigate themselves in the national media. Its still a long step along from the days when people were convinced that it was all going to come right yet. These people have admitted that the market is down and that their money is gone (probably never to return). In my book thats showing real movement out of the denial phase.

Put it another way AD - you’re right. It *is *turd-polishing. We know it. In their heart-of-hearts they know it. And anybody reading this with two brain-cells to rub together knows it too. But in the grand tradition of Irish politeness its considered poor form to rub their nose in the turd. So everybody agrees with them to their face while privately thinking “that poor schmuck”.