Med Issue with Mort Prot policy

Hi all

Does anyone have experience of submitting a Mort Prot Policy where you list your height/weight details and its outside the “norm”

I have been advised that I may have to get med reports , be referred to an indep doctor etc etc.

Am apparently 1 stone over what is deemed appropriate for these policies for my height , which I think is somewhat unfair as I play rugby and do a lot of weight lifting, I am also reasonably fit. I dont live in mcdonalds !!

Rather not have to go thru med hoops as I gather it may take time, prolong the process and even result in an extra amt being added to the cost.

Any advice/experiences etc would be appreciated!!


I’d say ‘go to your Doctor and have a Check - up’ anyway - dont take time off work - go in the evening or at the week end. It is good to have your blood tested etc. Cost 50Euros and perhaps a little more for the Report. You will have to take the blood test to the hospital yourself - possibly. Look at your Colesterol - blood pressure. Its unfair that the Life Insurance wants this - obviously - they don’t want to take any RISK. A good Investment surely!! and your can off sett this against your Tax - even if it at the 20% rate - good luck!

Who advised you of this? Are they a medical professional or some gobshite from a life company? Who told you it was outside the norm, you are apparantly 1 stone over the norm Ive never heard such bull and Im a life broker. The only people who can tell you there is a medical or a loading on a policy is the underwriter, anything else is guesswork and not worth s**te.

You are talking rubbish, are you qualified to give financial advice? Go to your doctor? Jesus H Christ I cant believe you said that! Even if there is a medical its paid for by the life company and yet you are telling this person to go and pay their doctor, do not give advice you are not qualified to.

Agree to it on condition you get a reduction if you are above average healthiness - get them to submit benchmarks that you need to hit for ‘average’!

if you have to go for a medical it shouldn’t cost you anything - they normally pay, from my experience. You should volunteer to get it done asap and have it on their books to speed things up. My medical situation has changed quite dramatically since my previous mortgage protection policy - and I know I will have to submit to several medicals and tests when we eventually go for a new policy. It is an ‘insurance’ policy after all and it’s not like you are trying to hide anything.
On a similar point most of the irish rugby team would be considered ‘obese’ or indeed ‘clinically obese’ by the simple and out of date methods of determining ‘acceptable’ weights by using the BMI calculator.
I would contact them and say you are ready for your medical - your own Doctor’s report is unlikely to be accepted by the underwriters and you will have wasted time and money.