Media and reporting in Ireland

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I have noticed over the last few months that there are two very different sets of “news” being reported by Newstalk and RTE. This seems to have gotten much worse this year and I don’t mean the same news with a different slant rather important stories being missing or barely mentioned on one or the other. I actualy find Newstalk much worse than RTE, at least RTE will give token mention to almost all stories but whole chunks of news seems to be blasnked by Newstalk. Maybe I am imagining it but it seems like bad news for big business is the most likely to be missed on Newstalk.

This deserve more than the piston and I agree with you.

Newstalk breakfast is much less insightful since Ivan Yates left.

The current pairing are boring me to tears and need to up their game.

Agree 100%.

Yates was opinionated, cranky, sexist and entertaining.
I could never understand people getting their knickers in a twist over his remarks, his tongue was obviously firmly in his cheek.
Right or wrong he called it as he saw it.

As for Newstalk, they need listener-ship figures to survive. RTE don’t.
Newstalk are after the young to middle aged professional workers and business owners, and edit the show/news to suit this demographic.
So the station has a right leaning feel to it.

IMHO Newstalk need to up the breakfast show and get rid of Hook - he is usually wrong and irrelevant.

Not too sure about the notion of Newstalk being right leaning. They’re incredibly PC and right-on though. They’ve been cheerleading the gay marriage thing all morning (even more coming up now!) Tom Dunne was quite dismissive of any texts opposing the idea.

I should have been more clear, right leaning economically.
AFAIK they have been to only station to raise the issue of cutting pensions, arguing that pensioners have not been hit as much as others.
Calls for SW cuts and means testing all payments. You would not hear much of that on RTE.

On social issues they would have more of a progressive stance.
The young to middle aged demographic, newstalks listeners, would not by-in-large, be against gay marriage.

Tom Dunne and Sean Moncrieff would not be the most demanding of listening, but they are mostly entertaining.

The compression and EQ’ing they use ont hat station is horrid to the ears, it sounds like everyone has a sinus drip or terrible allergies. TodayFm is not much better. It’s a very unnatural audio. It’s finger nails on the blackboard to my ears.

Pravda/RTE have been running with the Colm McCarthy thing ( he is on message at the moment ) . Also where the hell is any investigation into Tol’s paper and why the spiking ? Where’s the detail drill into the insolvency bill , or any detail into anything from the EU communique other than reporting the spin ?

Pick a government department or the HSE and you can see the trail of press releases and spin being reported more or less verbatim. Prime time and Morning Ireland do the same but in a tone that suggests you have their hand up Miriam’s dress ( how dare they) or they need a quote to justify the salary for the day.

Alledgedly(from someone I know):
They have no budget and are lucky to get anything resembling news on the airwaves.
The license would be better off taken off them and given to someone else.
D O’B owned both Independent Network News and Newstalk and starved both of funds.

According to Pravda-RTE all is going well. Here are the headlines on the RTE website as of a few minutes ago. I believe little I read or hear from RTE or the Independent.
Govt has almost reached ‘income taxation limit’

Shot schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai leaves hospital

Live Register figures ease in December

Live Register figures ease in December

Surging exports spur Irish services on last month

Euro zone inflation holds steady at 2.2%

Hopes for euro zone rise, new worry for UK

There could be an opening for an internet Radio Caroline for Irish politics.

On twitter NNI is now trending due to the "pay for the link " not sure if this link will work to the twitter feed

NNIs response … &year=2013

NNI’s response indicates that they expect to be compensated if hyperlinks to their material are included on another website so they deny nothing.
Ridiculous organisation that fundamentally doesn’t understand the foundations of the internet or wilfully ignores then in the hope of enrichment.

Don’t think they can up their game.
Norah Casey is a self-promoting, ‘aren’t all women marvellous’, vote-yes-on-the-fiscal-treaty-or-we’re-all-fucked, tiresome woman.
While Chris o donoghue sounds like his elocution teacher is listening to every minute of his show and will subsequently grade his ability to pronounce his 't’s at the end of words.
Used to listen to yates and found him at the very least engaging.
It now is pure shite.
And has left me listening to my old pearl jam cds on the commute in the mornings…

Graphic on the left: “Make sure your [sic] covered with an NLI License [sic].” Grammar-Jesus wept.

wonder why the Indo is goosed?

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I’d call them lightweight but won’t, for fear it migh-t promp-t Chris-t to attemp-t the word.

You are not imagining this. There is a clear agenda at CommuniCorp to ensure positive news only hit the airways.

Constantin Gurdgiev has been banned from Today FM and NewsTalk in recent times. He as given no reason but it is clear that the reason was his balanced views have no place in the ‘only talk about good news’ agenda at CommuniCorp.

This is another example of why DOB should not be given more media ownership.

Yep, completely agree. I find it ironic how Norah talks all positive about new start ups when she herself has shifted her interests into paid, contractual employment with Newstalk and RTE.

What she is doing doesn’t quite match with what she is saying.