Media Self Censorship, George NKencho & "The Law of Pamela Izevbekhai"



“…there is no one with real power that looks like me or bears a name like me, I don’t need diversity and inclusion equality initiatives…”

I like the cut of his gib, already proposing budget cuts, we might save billions and what a blessing this freedom of speech and expression is to one and all.

Video @ Src

Includes Bonus Free History lesson!


Not the first time we’ve seen this


His is, unironically, a view many of the political/media class share. Given that our political class are both more woke, and more incompetent, could we see a turbocharged decline to UK/US racial division. Welfare state, zero media or political dissent, rule by woke quango/NGO, add in a huge debt burden and an imported riled-up permanent welfare class, what could go wrong…


Indeed, but I thought that had already arrived and we are living the dream (nightmare for some).


I’d class the last two decades of marginally skilled African migration as the initial heroin user glow before the travails of addiction, decrepitude and the long drawn out shuffling death sets in. The French revolution has a lot to answer for!


Interesting turn all the same, and not forgetting this is Leo’s constituency too!

Sinn Fein TD Paul Donnelly, who only took office last year, has practically pleaded with his constituents to stop sharing videos exposing the violence of the “Justice for George-BLM” thugs who rampaged through Blanchardstown on New Year’s Eve.


Claire Daly the latest to have suggested that race may have been the main factor in this man’s death.

450 comments under her Facebook post and practically all of them excoriating her stance.

As Ive suggested previously, they have lost control of the narrative and it has become a PR disaster for ‘progressive’ politics in Ireland, perhaps even a turning point.


It appears to have destroyed more than one official narrative within 48 hours.


The thing is, race was a big factor in his death. Just not in the way Claire thinks it was.

One major part of the discourse surrounding George Nkencho’s murder is ‘respectability politics’. It is the belief that if you act respectable and professional (white) that you can avoid racism and oppression. This belief is extremely harmful to direct towards the Black community and for Black people to adopt. This places extreme pressure on Black people to place unrealistic standards on themselves every single day in order to be seen as deserving of careers, benefits or even life. We can not combat racism with respectability politics and forcing Black people to market themselves as non violent every single day. We must combat racism by turning our attention to the people and systems who perpetuate it, not the victims- but the actual racists- this includes the gardaí. Black people are allowed to have emotions, grieve, and exist in ways that aren’t palatable to whiteness.


Irish man killed by police in Germany (

Was anyone even aware of this story from 18 months ago

Hamburg police have confirmed they fatally shot an Irish man after they were called to a family incident in the German port city on Wednesday.

Police received an emergency call at 9.54am from a woman, a Russian citizen, claiming her ex-husband had broken into her apartment, in Kreetortring, south of the city centre. She told the emergency dispatch operator the man was threatening her and her two-year-old.

“When our colleague arrived, the man threatened them with a knife, didn’t want to put it down and tried to stab them,” a police spokesman told The Irish Times.

A police officer fired a shot and the 34-year-old man died at the scene a short time later. The 32-year-old woman was uninjured, as were the child and the police officers. All are receiving psychological treatment.

I claim my tranche of land in the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg and €200 for passing Go!


A few comments and videos cannot triumph against mass propaganda of collective guilt and open borders.

There will be huge pressure on GSOC to at least throw a bone at the Race Hustler industry. Probably in the guise of a recommendation for more racial sensitivity training. Which will employ more race hustlers. Because of their unique and difficult life circumstances, The New Irish may respond with aggression when challenged by authority. Training to manage this is recommended


Will there be justice for the narrative now that it’s been neutralised? :whistle:

George thread?
George thread?

The angle of attack on the police is slightly shifting.

You have to wonder at the cognitive dissonance of the family. They still refuse to acknowledge that he lunged at the Garda with a knife. They recommended not sharing the video as they found it distressing. The lunge hasn’t occurred in their minds.

They also wanted him disarmed. Even though they know that he lunged with the knife. They know he was tasered and pulled out the wire.

They must have heard the Guards shout “Put the knife down” 100 times from multiple voices. They were in the hall. But still they “have questions”.

Are they hustling for compo, or actually stupid ?


Its possible to be 2 or even 3 things at the same time. :wink:


Mr Nkencho’s killing has sparked a series of mostly peaceful protests in the Blanchardstown area over recent days directed at gardaí, while his family have been subjected to racist abuse in the wake of his death.
An abusive and racist letter posted to Mr Nkencho’s family last week is being separately investigated by gardaí under harassment and threatening behaviour legislation.

“mostly peaceful protests” :rofl:
Seán McCárthaigh is straight off the D’Olier Street production line


Dec 31st

A roaming view through the Blanchardstown


Facebook has said that it will not take down footage of the shooting of George Nkencho so that people can “raise awareness or condemn” the incident.

Archived link:


Who is pushing the view that Gardai acted with racial bias in the death of George Nkencho in Ireland? | Gript

Who is pushing the view that Gardai acted with racial bias in the death of George Nkencho in Ireland?
And why are so many of them funded by the hard-pressed Irish tax-payer?

These people range from elected TDs to an assortment of NGO apparatchiks, some presented as experts on integration and multiculturalism.

One of the more chilling things to emerge is the extent to which the lie that Ireland is a deeply racist society seems to have been sold to some young second generation Africans and others.

In that “narrative”, the killing of George Nkencho is little to do with his own actions, but is instead a reflection of racism in Irish policing policy – which is in itself reflective of endemic racism in Irish society. In the absence of actual evidence, this now seems to be partly based on the myth that we as a people were complicit in the trans Atlantic slave trade, a distortion of history peddled by the Irish Times amongst others.

Dr Michael has come all the way from Keele University’s cutting edge social science department via the British Home Office (always a great friend to us Irish) to become a Commission member of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission which is another sink hole for our money, to the tune of €6.75 million in 2019, of which €3.65 million went on wages, which I think includes “key management employee benefits” of €712,222.

She’s also a spokeswoman for Fingal Communities Against Racism, who shared Dr Ebun Joseph’s claim that “a young black man with mental health issues has been gunned down by the Gardai” with the hashtag #GardaViolence and #BlackLivesMatter.

Fingal Communities Against Racism also posted a notice advertising a Galway vigil that claimed George Nkencho had been murdered, and that his life was “stolen as a result of racism and hatred”. The activist group told protestors to “wear dark, loose-fitting clothes”, to conceal identifying features, and not to engage with Gardai.

Interesting to see the transformation from Young FG election canvasser in 1999 to spearheading one of Ireland’s racial grievance NGOs


With all the talk of Russian hacking and foreign interference etc, given the level of foreign and private funding that these NGO’s receive surely they should be forced to register as agents of a foreign power?

They have a massively outsized influence, newspapers print their press releases on the front page(as if its actual news and fact). Government implements their “research” papers as policy(see hate speech and ending of DP). Massively anti democratic that these lobby groups can lead the political class by the nose.

Obv cant comment on what YFG were like 20 odd years ago, but they are pretty much a far left/parasite class organisation currently, unsurprising yer one would be a member with Varadkar.


Very interesting that The Irish Times doesn’t want to report what went on in the shop. What was said. Or anything to do with the knife. Or NKenchos life really.

But for the first time they do mention

At one of Thursday’s demonstrations, Nkencho’s brother Emmanuel told a crowd: “I want the fed, whoever who he was that shot him, I want him terminated. I want his contract terminated. I want him finished. When we find him, yeah?”
A source close to the family says Emmanuel remains highly distraught but has agreed his comments were “stupid”.
“Some of the older lads [who were involved in Insaka] are trying to keep a lid on things and calm the situation,” says McCue. He says they are trying to explain to younger people that the Garda Ombudsman, which is investigating Nkencho’s death, is a separate organisation from the Garda and will investigate the shooting fairly.

Basically the ‘In Depth Look’ by Conor Gallagher into NKencho… is an interview with Ken McCue. Whose name is mentioned 16 times. He is from Sport Against Racism. I assume paid agitator for migration.

In a way Conor Gallagher is following The Law of Pamela - he knows that a Nigerian report on George’s life would be full of misdirection and omission.

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