Meeting Japan's cyber homeless

Meeting Japan’s cyber homeless … 953376.stm

Horrible, isn’t it.
Here are the capsule hotel as well, it’s different as they have a job I suppose, but still :open_mouth: … sule-hotel

Capsule hotels make more sense when you find out that people often work until after the last train. Getting a taxi home could cost you €200+. 40 euro give or take for a capsule could be just the job! Convenience stores also sell shirts ties socks and pants in handy packs!

No way to live though.

$500 a month! People think that rents are bad here.

just heard that 30.000 japaness commit suicide every year. They are a big population but this is a big number :frowning: Stress in the cities.

I found the story saddening.

Well it is the only language with one word for “Sudden death due to overwork”

Ha - must be watching the programme on Fish on BBC4 then!

Those crazy salarymen…

this is it. :wink:

What happen to the link of “the graves of the butterflies”? I just had a look and it dissipear from the forum?

I removed it from my post because I thought it would distract from the thread after having a rethink about my post.

Sorry about hijacking this thread, but for whom look at bbc program, rotten fish in salt and rice, anyone ever saw this, rotten cheese in italy. People :unamused: … aq=-1&oq=#