Meeting seller (to negotiate furniture prices) before contracts signed?


I am sale agreed, I (buyer) have signed contracts, just waiting on seller to do the same. She wishes to sell me some furniture (dining table, couch, beds) and has asked I come to visit the property this week to discuss. EA says it’s unusual, but she’ll be there herself.

Would actually love to meet the seller, she lives abroad and I think this may have been her mothers house (not 100% sure tho) but afraid it might influence her?



I seem to remember this was a means to get a but of under the table money done under the auspicious of “furniture/drapes”, somehow I doubt asking will be IKEA prices.

If you don’t like or want any of it, what then? :whistle:


So my solicitor put in an ‘anything left in the house is in the contract’ clause when I discussed this with him, and advised any sale of furniture happen off-contract so as not to impact bottom line price. So I think if I say no, she either takes the stuff out, or leaves it behind and it becomes mine? None of it in bad nick, but yeah if she doesnt offer something agreeable I wouldnt want it.

But I’d hate for it to influence her against me and make her change her mind on the sale?


Do you think the other party would be more comfortable walking away than you might?


She lives abroad, and sold the house directly to me off market as she doesnt want a long sale process (another house in the estate was on the market for six months for various reasons), however, since that time (late Feb) a different house in the estate has gone sale agreed for 30k more, so worried she might want that extra €. That being said, another house also went sale agreed for the same price I agreed with her and then fell through and is now on the market at 25k less. So the market is changeable. I guess if she walks away she stands to make more € (tho in a somewhat saturated market, the estate is small). If I were to lose it, I think I would need a break from house buying for a few months and that would be personally infuriating (so close now!).

Apparently she will sign the contracts on Thursday too (her solicitor told my solicitor) so the furniture part of the sale is outside the contracts and maybe I am definitely over thinking it here.