Mein fuhrer, mein gott, mine's a pint...


Cowen still drunk this morning…


Someone should do an FoI request to find out how often the drinks cabinet in the Taoiseachs office has to be restocked.

I wonder if he’s hitting the sauce a bit too often, & that’s why we never get any interviews with him. He’s always in a Yeltsin !


Today with Pat Kenny on RTE Radio1 discussing Cowen’s radio performance.


Winston Churchill managed to defeat Hitler surely Clowen can manage?!? XD

Did anyone hear the voxpop on Morning Ireland? They asked people who voted for FF last time around if they’d vote again. 50/50 result which the FF biddy thought was positive (that’s 50% of the people who actually voted for you you dozy bint) Michael Kennedy was on too, hard decisions, turning corners, blah blah blah :sick:

As for Mary Coughlan on Drivetime last night with her ‘that would be an ecumenical matter’ style response to the Smart Economy questions :unamused:


Cowen was due to give the interview earlier but was late for that appointment. 8DD
A texter claiming RTE “ambushed” him. Another texter sayi ng RTE being sensational. :open_mouth:


Fancy that, the National Broadcaster wanting to Interview the leader of our country as he attend a party conference on ways to improve employment and the economy, how very dare they


Well done Noonan !


How can you be ambushed when an appointment was made to do the interview. the fact that whether or not the Taoiseach was pissed doing the interview is being openly discussed on the national airwaves says it all.


Cowen doorstepped by Newstalk. Still sounds cough somewhat under the weather. XD XD

Promptly, ushered away by his handlers… :smiley:


A Taoiseach being openly asked whether he was drunk or not when doing an interview. This is beyond ridiculous. It doesn’t matter anymore whether he was drunk or not. He has no credibility. Has this question ever been asked of a taoiseach before?


Not that I’m aware of. But then again, we’re well and truly into GUBU territory at this stage, so anything’s possible…


Taoiseach denies being drunk during interview

"Mr Noonan said there was little to inspire confidence.

‘The was a feeling this morning … that this can’t continue, the game is up.’"

Thats what I thought too Michael, but FF and the Greens will cling to power until the last breath. Even after Willie O’Dea did a hatchet job on the Greens on national TV they still wouldn’t leave.


I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him on Morning Ireland. He wasn’t slurring his words, but he sounded like he had some head on him all the same. The local radio here had a journo on being all coy about what went on last night. The furthest he would go was to say that there may have been a few songs sung last night. FFS.


Well, Tubridy asked him if he drank too much on that infamous appearance on the LLS. (Tubs also asked Tony Blair “if he drank too much” come to think of it). Methinks, this is as much a part of the national witchunt against drinkers (see RTE/Irish Times etc) as it is about whether Cowen had a few last night. How do we know he just didn’t sleep well? I never sleep in overheated hotel rooms.


We don’t know and that’s the point. the speculation is that he was drunk/hungover. This is about credibility.


He was on the piss. So what.

His error was doing the interviews, idiot.


This from the same guys who said NAMA would make a profit, the bailout of Anglo would cost €2.5bn, the commercial property market was stabilised at down 47% and the economy has turned a conrner.

At leas if the guy was smashed all the time he’d have a reasonable excuse for the poor decision making.


His antics have been pointed out to me and on a few occasions Ive heard rumours such as on the last far east trip he was supposed to do interviews and didnt or couldnt. The problem is if he could make the error of going on radio feeling rough and get caught out how many decisions did he make as minister for finance that we are paying for because he had a hangover? This is fucking rediculous


As Minister for Finance, he used to celebrate the budget with a lock in, what do you think? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, isn’t half the workforce somewhat hungover on any given day anyway,
nothing unique here.

Maybe the pressure is getting to him and this is some sort of subconscious
self destruct or better to quit because your a piss-head as opposed to just a massive
failure as leader.