Menace Media Magic Matrix

The only thing that needs mass media is centralized control.

Social media is absolutely MMMM and due to the cybernetic nature of it’s presence, all kinds of new weapons of mass mind programming have been and continue to be delivered almost directly into the users mind, 24/7, include in that the most impressionable and defenseless minds, that of children form the youngest of ages upwards.

The transition has been smooth, celebrated, mass adopted and insidious - fully enabled by a combination of technological milestones, and the re-ordering of legacy MSM in the image of the MMMM post GFC, to create what looked like a seamless transition, and in many respect it was seamless if you only took a facile view.

Post GFC, a clever feedback loop was created in the failing legacy MSM where it adopted and promoted the “correct” or "approved social media platforms, creating an MSM > Social Media > MSM circuit, which is nothing but the Menace Media Magic Matrix in action and is why the MSM came back after the double defeats of missing the internet boat to startups and the financial ruin of the GFC, yet the MSM managed to over come a couple of devastating disadvantages and return to form in virtually a heartbeat quite universally… so amazing, totally amazing, the most amazing ever.

The MSM being but a shell of it’s former self post GFC, represented the perfect disguise for the Menace to once again retain control of the informational flow by creating the MMMM, a wunderland of information in a Menace walled garden so vast most can not perceive the walls as they are beyond sight.

This also allowed Big-Tech subvert elections and thus nations. This should not even be contentious point at this juncture.

In local terms votes such as the 8th were very obviously manipulated by altering the search results to make sure people saw the correct information, a very one sided informational experience was had and with the blessing of the Regime of the day.

The enemy of the MMMM should be obvious, traditional forum sites and other non MMMM approved platforms, what happened to mySpace, Diaspora, Bebo… market forces? :icon_beer:

The info war has never been more ferocious and deadly.

All part of the script.

The horse has fucked off long-ago.
Confidence is something one had before they realised exactly the reality of the situation hence it appears to me the other side is on the same side otherwise they would not be speaking in such a tribal manner.

Hard to now whats left and what is far right.
Giorgia Meloni: Anti-establishment or another WEF puppet?

Never worry about the figureheads narratives delivered via the MMMM.

Ye should all know this by now. For like ages… Imagine you are looking at a comic strip. Now. It’s not real. It’s just a story.

You can only concern yourself with #1 ultimately, do you feel real?

There are a few versions of this and some links posted somewhere pointing back to the old articles - MMMM in one image.

As I wrote back in March of 2021

The "Irish media’ are sick sick sick puppies, but the thing about spooks is they are so incredibly uncreative, they are not-creative, and so it’s easy to understand their lack of creativity, and in doing that, you can predict future infowar from them far in advance, and here we are in 2022 with the same tripe thrown in peoples faces to distract form the democidal maniacs telling you to live less, eat less, heat your homeless, think less etc. etc.

Misinformation about vaccines and masks was rife during the pandemic. In this extract from her new book, Aoife Gallagher shows how ‘science deniers’ cherry-pick facts to suit their agenda

The Triangle :icon_beer:

Eddie Hobbs in a recent stream on Off Grid Ireland called this the triangle.

At the top of the triangle the civil service “leak” this “confidential memo” to the newspapers all at the same time. Then the newspapers send this to RTE/Virgin media to broadcast.

Once this is done, data through opinion polls/tweets/social media etc are gathered up through various agencies (pollsters, PR companies) and sent back to the senior civil servants in order to dictate policy.

Also, “confidential memo” here is done in order to make the reader feel like he is in the inside track, that he knows what is going on within the senior civil service.

This was used again and again during the lockdowns. It will be used again going forward.

Ministers warned more public health restrictions being considered in the face of new Covid variant -

That’s the simple version.

The way to understand headline matrix magic (if you can’t decode on the flay)… read the end first.

End of article:

…Online, this is already happening. Far-right communities openly talk of an invasion and a plantation.

They supplement these remarks with disinformation and conspiracy theories about replacement, fuelling remarks that refer to government ministers and politicians as traitors and promoting extremist parties as the alternative.

There must be a political solution.

Also in article

In separate research with my organisation earlier this year, I documented how the Canadian truckers’ anti-government protest movement received support from far-right groups around the world through these same donation platforms.

There must be a political solution

…Hint hint

Taking it to the Menace media Assets


What a headline.


Is it just me or is this written… oddly? From Trump to Choamsky, acknowledging some issues then pivoting to vacuous stuff…

It nearly reads like a confession or reveal as opposed to a moral or impassioned defence? Or is that just me?

One thing Choamsky knows about is how one should never trust government yet along comes the scamdemic and suddenly he was promoting the poison something he new fuck all about.
Makes you wonder about all that problem reaction solution stuff that he loved to mouth about back in the day.

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It’s not you. It’s horse manure of many varieties.

The overriding conclusions and themes are "It’s not us folks, it’s you "

It is a plea for clemency. In advance.

This is not hard. Media took the 30 pieces of silver. People are dead. Their readers.

Tolerance for lies, any and all kinds of lies eventually has it’s limits.

You get what you don’t pay for!

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