Menace to Send British Troops to Ukraine


Medvedev about the announcement by the UK, that it will deploy troops to Ukraine:

“The number of incompetent leaders in NATO countries is on the rise.

One newly-minted imbecile, the British Defense Minister, has decided to move English language training courses for Ukrainian soldiers to Ukrainian territory. In other words, he’s turning his instructors into legitimate targets for our Armed Forces, fully aware that they will be ruthlessly eliminated. And not as mercenaries but specifically as British NATO specialists.

Another fool, the head of the Defense Committee in Germany with a hard-to-pronounce surname, is demanding the immediate supply of Taurus missiles to the Ukrainian nationalists. This is so that the Kiev regime can strike at Russian territory to weaken our army’s supply lines. Apparently, this is said to be in line with international law. Well, in that case, strikes on the German factories producing these missiles will also be perfectly in line with international law"