Menolly homes - Dodgy foundations

Interesting story, perhaps more to come from the sector in general.

However do please be careful how ye comment on this one lads & ladies thanks! Mr.Libel might be listening/watching/note taking)

Plenty More in and around North Dublin / Meath in particular.

It appears a quarry was chugging away but that they hit a vein of pyrite which got mixed with their aggregate. This stuff was used as “hard core” all over those two counties , not just by Mennolly who are at least investigating by core sampling some of their flats and houses to find out how widespread the issue is. Mennolly are not at fault, who knows the quarry may not even be at fault either. Its just that they dug into this pyrite .

The quarry has not been named but the problem is called *Pyrite Oxidisation *and is described clearly here . … yrite.html

“Defective infill used by the city’s largest house builder, Menolly Homes, is behind the problems at Drynam Hall in Kinsealy.”

maybe Kinsealy is too small to hold the ghost of CJH.

Has anybody asked how much of this pyrite laced aggregate has made its way into the Dublin Port Tunnel, built about the same time ???

Has anybody asked whether the NRA has tracked down these quarries with pyrite impurities and banned their contractors from using them for the M50 extension and for the M3 …both currently being built .

Has anybody informed the minister for the environment that we may not have sufficiently robust testing systems in our quarries to stop this rubbish getting into our houses and bridges and tunnels and apartments and wrecking them .

Scary point 2pack

I’m pretty sure of this cos I used to work for Port Tunnel PR Dept back when the TBMs were about to be turned around that the port tunnel used whats called “shotcrete” and wasnt sourced in Ireland

I heard a home owner possibly affected by this talking on last word last week. To be fair to the developer they are carrying out extensive testing and have made an undertaking to remedy the situation (whatever that exactly means). I’m sure it’s a nightmare for people who have bought these houses and I do feel genuinely sorry for them.

I found the snag list on the rte website to be even more interesting

Unreal, how much effort is required to bring it that little bit futher! Bathrooms without windows are a disaster regardless of extractor fans in my experience.

I noticed that “Farmleigh” or on the other side of the road oppositie but not connected to Farmleigh replacing mature woods development, is a Menolly Homes Development.

I would normally not have looked twice until recent developments (pun-o-rific).

I just spotted this over on

Anyone know if theres any truth in it?

Never mind Menolly , where else has this defective aggregate gone ???

Menolly have admitted to it where other have not .



Its not the first post mentioning this issue, here is one a month back . … ostcount=9

2400 homes and a Dart station to be built by 2008 according to the blurb below. The Myrtle is 400 homes . … y17615.asp

Nothing done yet , been dicking around with that Dart station since 1999 if you look here. … 990281.htm

Hmmmm. The bank will probably give them a bollicking as they often do to property developers :stuck_out_tongue: … 2055128100

Been reading some of those threads, This is shocking. I really feel for those residents. Is there any indication of how many individual properties are affected?

There was a guy in the Herald about it again a few weekjs back. he is being intimidated by his neighbours for talking about it.

That is a sign of times.

Public exposure would be the best thing to ensure that the builder treats them properly and corrects defects, me woulda thunk.

But, noooo. We’re still worried about thum thar property prices.

Anecdotally, I think we may have found some more of that pyrite.

I think the development is called Beaupark and might be done by Killoloe Homes.

All I really know is my brother’s mate had a 2 foot diameter section of his apartment floor extracted by the Homebond people and after tests at Trinity, he has to move out for three months!

The entire apartment block is now being joined in a class action against the developer… :open_mouth:

my bros home is one of those. Mennolly homes is the developer. he is sheduled to get the repairs done in the new year. good job its irelands biggest developer :open_mouth: