Menolly homes - Dodgy foundations

Looks like you’re right

Why has the NRA still not categorically stated that none of this aggregate made its way into

  1. The Port Tunnel
  2. The M1
  3. The N2 Ashbourne Bypass

2Pack wonders out loud !!!

Why has Homebond not stated that they know where all of it is and that there are no more suspects.

Todays IT - 23.01.2008

This kind of matter has no standing in my view. He should go to the PRTB if he’s hard up or jsut advertise it on DAFT FFS…

If nothing is signed, do they have a leg to stand on… I presume they have a contrtact signed and wouldn’t be wasting the courts time. I have sympthy for the Taxi man who was involved in aserious accident and I hope he didn’t lose his house but this kind of situation :unamused:

I really don’t get this.

You buy a house, discover it has structural problems, so you go to the builder and he promises to rent it from you at 1700 a month for 1 year.

On the basis of this you go out and BUY another house.


I don’t understand the point of buying the second house. Am I missing something in the article? What was supposed to happen at the end of the year when the rental agreement ended?

Have the problems with the house been rectified? Is it in a state that it can be lived in? if so then rent it to someone else, if not then you’re a plonker for buynig a second house while you had a mortgage on a house that noone could live in.

If they can afford two houses as long as one of them is rented, and if the market will pay €1700 then rent it out. If the market won’t pay the kind of rent they need then they were always going to be in trouble when the deal with the builder ended.

How did they manage to get a second mortgage if they can only afford one?


Sound fundamentals ? :laughing:

This guy should have got the builder to rectify the fault and if not put right proceed to sue on the basis of not being fit for purpose.

The builder appeasing the owner by promising to rent it for 1 year seems ludicrous and the owner proceeding to purchase another home on this basis doesn’t even merit trying to reason his mind set.

The Darwin principle seems to apply in this instance :unamused:

And better yet, they then proceed to get solictors involved in a case that doesnt stand a chance in hell of success. Thereby pi$$ing more money away. :unamused:

From the latest rental report

All with the same agent, same photos. Looks like these are being rented out by the developer.

From August … ostcount=9

So the owner’s of the quarry think that subsidence caused the cracks. Anyone thinking of purchasing in The Coast at the reduced prices needs to have a long hard think.


Also known as “fool’s gold”! :laughing:

in New Zealand they have the “Leaky Home Syndrome”. it’s depressing stuff. here a taste of what may come,

“At least one owner of a leaky home has taken his own life and 10 others are on suicide watch, while hundreds of others are facing bankruptcy and wrecked lives as aggressive body corporates hound them for thousands of dollars to fix leaky buildings.” … d=10462521

That leaky homes article is just horrendous.

Jaysus, just imagine if that happens here, we’ll have people who bought apartments for 500k that will be worth a fraction of that, with increased repayments due to higher interest rates, then getting hit with enormous repair bills as well.

With our bankruptcy laws as well. Feck, it’s your life’s earnings down the drain. I despair.

We did have a leaky homes scenario here, only it was fom the bottom up, estates built on flood plains.

itchy trigger finger:

These solicitors were gainfully employed peddling conveyancing for years, sadly they now feel litigation to be a better earner.