Mercer survey ranks Dublin costiler than San Francisco & LA

Perspective has been sorely lacking in Ireland property bubble 1.0 and 2.0. The price of Irish property never fell below the point where it would be profitible to sell-up the entire country and buy say Spain or Montana. Mercer’s expat cost of living survey is yet another datapoint for those who view bubble 2.0 the same way the rest of the world viewed Brazil’s 1 point goal in its final moments against Germany.

Mercer brings a dose of perspective by ranking Dublin, Ireland as the 51st costliest city in the world. New York City (16) is the only city in the US more expensive than Dublin. Pricy Los Angeles (62), San Francisco (74), Honolulu (97) and Dallas (125) fall far behind. Dublin is also more expensive than Brisbane (52), Luxembourg (56), Rio de Janerio (66), Dubai (67), Berlin (68).

No surprise there.
Through their policies, the government displays zero interest in cutting costs.

There is a show that must be kept on the road, and like it or not, you’re gonna pay for it.