Merger of Irish banks an attractive notion?

Are we being softened up for something?

a friend of mine was talking to a senior guy in aib capital markets. AIB man was saying they and not BOI are the ones more likely to go to the wall unless the gov bails them out, which of course they will do

I was hearing the same thing yesterday, interesting.

AIB top brass were telling staff that the stake in M&T would be more than sufficient to keep them capitalised.

I believe that they should have amalgamated by now - at least some of the weaker Banks. Our Central Bank - Regulator and Government are behind the curve. They will wait until one goes down and then they will send in the ‘plunge protection team’. Hope it doesn’t go down as fast as the Asgard the Government’s Sail Training Ship. Sending in Bank Clerks to police other Banking Interests is not a great move it should be Auditors and Accountants that should be called on or the present Criminal Assetts Bureau - they probable have plenty of existing experience of fraudelent practices and would be a better investment than people with a lot of Banking experience. It is like the Law Society protecting the Solicitors from their clients. I am sure the Financial Regulator was delighted to announce that it would be Bankers policing Bankers.

i remember going to a talk organised by the ACCA years ago where the head of the CAB addressed the vast rank of a/cants going for the free grub, The CAB guy went thru the various types of fraud they came across such as cheque kiting etc. However , during the Q&A that followed, one of the morons in the crowd arrogantly said what would the CAB know about detecting fraud as they were just lowly police. Needless to say CAB man didnt take this too well and then proceeded to humiliate your man by pointing out a lot of the fraud was indeed orgainised by a/cants even though they wouldnt have hard evidence to get a conviction.

I worked in a prestigious tax practice as a lowly foot soldier for a number of years. What passes for tax planning is in a lot of cases is about 1mm away from pure evasion.

So i wouldnt go near tyhe a/ants with a barge poll

Total piffle.The Irish banks share prices was collapsing well before the international financial crisis broke last year because foreign investors knew the Irish property bubble has burst and Irish banks were in way over their heads.
This crisis in Ireland is entirely the banks own making with more than a little help from the “financial regulator” and crazy FF policies.
I’m getting fed up listening to all this twaddle about the international situation being the cause of our downfall.
This crisis is entirely home grown and Irish banks would be going bust without any “international” assistance.
Time now to put this one to bed once and for all.

No it wouldn’t.
It would be entirely appropriate to single out these executives for blame and ensure they don’t hold a banking job ever again.With these guys still at the helm is it any wonder that Irish bank share prices continue to plummet.

Interesting to see that the length of this recession is gradually being extended by commentators as reality starts to hit home. :angry:

I’ve been thinking about it all day and I am still not sure who it would be an attractive proposition for? Shareholder? Bank staff? Bank customers? Patrick, the mild mannered financial regulator?.. could be! Umch, umch, Hong Kong phooey comes from the number 1 regulator guy…

Wonder how far down M&Ts share would tank if AIB decided to sell its stake ?
Would it then be sufficient to keep AIB capitalised ?