Merrill Sues SCA'S XL Unit to Maintain CDO Insurance

From Bloomberg

Merrill’s implied volatility, a measure of how much investors are paying to insure against further stock-price losses, rose to 130.06, the highest since at least September 2000, according to Bloomberg data. The increase indicates expectations of bigger swings in the stock’s price. … refer=home

Now for the complelely ignorant; could the above Individual Debt Securities on the ISEQ somehow manage to creep into our External Debt figures?

How can one get their hands on a college manual relating to the Irish Central Bank and CSO, IFSC or otherwise on what is recorded in the Externa Debt figures?

This could be some of the ‘other’ category - i.e. the non-bank financial stuff.

These inaptly named ‘securities’ are ***PRECISELY ***where our enormous external debt comes from . They belong to entities outside the state and are subject to liquidation and repatriation.

If you marked these ‘securities’ to currently realisable market prices , today, you would halve our debt overnight .

Of course its a tribute to the flexibility of the ISE that you are actually allowed to list for far more than the 'security 'is worth .

Could the flight/marking down of some of these insecurities be responsible for last quarter’s GDP figures?

Thanks 2Pack. But these figures on the ISEQ are only principals which only become payable if the CDOs go belly-up. Putting them in the External Debt figures does not make sense :confused:

ah OK so , can you point me to an explanation of “Principal” in the context of these listings please.