Metro North and DART projects unlikely to go ahead: Varadkar

Luas Interconnector the obvious one to push on with.

Hmm, what would Dr. Reilly say Maybe we should keep tabs of broken election promises

It won’t be a surprise to him I think seeing as he had built a ‘get out of jail free’ card into that page.

Why? do you think they should go ahead? There’s no money!

Not my point. As I live close to be proposed Metro Line I would benefit but merely highlighting the hypocrisy of our new Governing Party.

WTF is the Luas Interconnector Project ???

Running a tram track from St. Stephen’s Green to Middle Abbey Street in short.

Madness! They’ll be talking about integrating ticketing next!

Now I remember, can they really call it an Interconnector though…especially if it does not ACTUALLY allow a tram to run all the way from Citywest to Cherrywood via Middle Abbey street.

The trams on the Tallaght line are shorter due to the twists and turns on the line; the other line is dedicated for the most part. So there will never be mixing of the Luas races.

This connection (even if a ‘block’/street away) would increase the utility of the Luas so much, it’s incredible it gets so little attention;
Goes to show unless a gombeen can take credit it’s political importance in diminished, irrespective of the general importance

It’s not called the Luas Interconnector. It’s called the BX D line.

Or to be more specific; the part that goes as far as Parnell Street the BX line.

I have no idea of the numbers behind any of the “options” under review but the DART underground certainly seemed to be the most intuitive to me… link up the Luas lines and the 2 mainline train stations in Dublin…

Forgot to say they will do so "Twice" .

By the way the RPA calls it the"Luas Link Up Line" which is correct.

I dunno where Leo V gets this BS grandiose Luas Interconnector title out of …it is nothing of the sort.

An accident waiting to happen :open_mouth:

Unfortunately it will do bugger all to increase the capacity of the luas, which is why the entire project was always idiotic.

Bus Lanes FTW!

when in Dublin I used to live near the Tallaght line which was OK for getting into the IFSC but otherwise useless for an impatient go ahead type like me :slight_smile: ; for getting to say Stephens Green/Harcourt St - getting on my trusty bike was faster.

Then there’s the incredibly high proportion of junkies on the Tallaght line :open_mouth:

Ironically, buses would probably would be a better short term solution - for the best part of a billion, the luas should have been the start of a metro.

As it is, it’s the capacity of a bus lane for the price of a metro line, and it still takes capacity from other road uses.

Tallaght trams started off 10m shorter than Cherrywood trams but are the same length (40m) following a platform and train extension project in 2008. The stuff about the lines being incompatible was taxi driver lore. … on301.aspx

Trams are occasionally moved by truck from one line to another (following accidents). The new tram line will include a crossover section to allow trams to move between the two lines, should that be needed. You can see the planned track between middle abbey street and lwr o’connell street. … 29_B-C.pdf

Luas to Sandyford carried about 32,000 passengers a day in 2009. There is no bus route 9km long that can carry that many people.

The new luas section is planned to go from Stephen’s Green to South of Finglas via Broadstone, Phibsborough and Cabra. I’d guess it’s going to cost 350m and is thus affordable within the IMF programme constraints (unlike metro etc)