Metro 'too small' to cope with demand, says expert

Wow, an under-scoped major public infrastructure project. Well I’ll be…

Obviously Siemens didn’t win the contract.

Munich has 6 lines on it’s U-Bahn so is that 30,000 per line?

Incidently Munichs metro lines criss cross the city, as do Valencias. As these are models that we’re aspiring to, why the hell will we have our first line terminating in the city centre and the second one stuck out in the middle of nowhere?

Surely the lesson learned from successfull metros is to join in the centre.
So if you want to travel from Blanchardstown to Clondalkin you’d get the Blanch -Ballsbridge line and change on the Coolock-Clondalkin line.

we are only going to be able to afford something rubbish and claim it is world class, like our “knowledge economy”. Besides, do you really expect people in this country to take a hit to pay for it? I hear enough problems on the radio with people from the country complaining Dublin has too much already, even though by 2020, 80% of the population will be on the easy coast.

Will Ireland ever have a transport system that won’t be embarrassed by nearly every other major European city’s? I don’t think so.

If It is too small now, thank heavens the original proposal to put a Luas type tram underground from O’Connell St. to Airport only were shot down.

Which is exactly why they should limit the numbers. Dubland is already an overpopulated mess. Why encourage more people into the area? Really, the govt should tax the sh1t out of any business attempting to set up in Dubland, while offering tax incentives to set up elsewhere in the country.

Ireland is so overbalanced and biased towards the east coast it’s laughable.

I’m not going to get into a debate about living in the country or not, in fact I agree that Dublin is a mess, over populated and dirty. I’m emigrating next year so I can tell you that I think Dublin is a hole compared to any other city I have been.


It has a woeful public transport that needs to be radically overhauled as it is. It is not a luxury but an imperative fix for metro etc. if Dublin didnt pump the money into the country as it does, the rest of the country would be in the stone age, so dont bite the hand that feeds you.

Furthermore, I think the amount of spending on a location should be portional to its population, so dublin is under financed by a huge amount.

Decentralization doesnt work and thats proven, so i dont understand you point.
The vast mjaority of the modern western world would not live in the irish country sie with no access to convenience, broadband, suit roads etc. However some people prefair this existance, although no high level jobs to any large degree will ever locate in places like Ballyspideen so that rules out Ireland’s futer in theses places.

Simple fact of life. we dont have the money or foresite to develop areas like these, so lets attempt to service the existing ones. Even if theses areas were serviced, they would grow and grow and hence the same issue.

We are alread emembarrassed by many minor European cities' transport system.

Decentralisation doesn’t work? In a an Irish context maybe, but it’s been successfully working the world over for years.

Re investment, it’s a bit of “build it and they will come”. The greater Dublin region is already vastly overpopulated in proportion to the rest of the country, so why encourage more people into the area? Why does every damn road and rail service improvement in Ireland have to link to Dublin?

It’s no wonder that so many people end up in the Pale when all the roads, literally, lead there!

A mate of mine is working on the Metro project and he had this to say:

Well I dont think there will be such a hurry to live in dublin in the near future. I think emmigration will kick up again and alot of immigrants will return home. i think the population of Dublin will deflate somewhat. also i take it u dont live in Dublin? Trust me, I’d rather drive on pot hole country than be stuck on the M50 everyday!

Also, build it, they will come? Come out here to Parkwest, modern office buildings, well serviced, off M50, luas, close to city center. Alll these office buildings are EMPTY for last 3 years. Build it and they will come doesnt cut the cheese, esp if its in the schticks!

Like I said, everything links to dublin coz its the CAPITAL! reality check here, stuff and people come to Ireland THROUGH Dublin. Sure if you want investment in the country side, it’s gotta have a darn good network to link to Dublin to be part of the global jigsaw right? There is only 1 real intl airport in the country, lets face, Shannon knows that.

In an ideal world, the whole country would be evenly serviced and good roads thoughout. that simply isnt the reality and lets try and keep the top companies in Ireland shall we as they are? and not fantasize about Intel locating in Mayos back and beyonds, its gonna be a battle to keep em so lets do our best to help these top companies.

I think you are missing my point.

The Irish world revolves around Dubland because it HAS to. There are no alternatives. What I am saying is provide the alternatives by investing in infrastructure and giving incentives outside the greater Dublin area.

Did you every wonder why the good people of the mid West campaigned so long and vigoursly about Aer Orange moving to Belfast? Because unlike our metropolitan cousins we could see a long term economic impact in the region. It was a bit of joined up thinking. No planes to interconnecting airport (Heathrow) - less likelihood of investment. Directly, I know of three companies that have either stopped investment in their Shannon area plants or are closing them down because of the Aer Lingus move.

The point, ultimately, is the Govt need to get off their collective arses and encourage investment outside of of the Dublin region. This can only be done once services and infrastructure have been improved. (When back In Ireland, I can’t get broadband 10 miles outside of Limerick city, FFS!).

Otherwise, the “tipping point” might become a real geological event, with the East coast of the country slowly sliding into the Irish sea :laughing:

I guess it comes down to one simple truth then. Acquiring extra capital to make it a viable alternative(your point) while not effecting the continual development of Dublin(my point), which also needs more investment. So at the end of the day, which will win? Dublin.

Anyways, country people voted overwhelmingly for FF so cant complain too much, get what u voted for.

In Lisbon for 4 days from last Thursday, In Airport purchased 4 day
pass on metro/buses/trams, price Euro 14 per person. Travelled all
over the city.

Price for car parking at Dublin Airport Euro 37.

I don’t expect to be around to see Dublin with a transport system
unless some of you decide to have an Easter Rising before 2016.

€37 per day? Hardly. Shannon costs €15 per day parking - I don’t know about long-term.

As regards Dublin (I’m a culchie) and public transport, I always felt Dublin was totally and utterly under-serviced by public transport and I’d love to see a well-oiled system whirring around the city so you can travel in all sorts of weird directions (e.g. Blanchardstown-Tallaght) relatively painlessly. Alas, there are many bus stops which are shelterless (like myself here) not to mind there being an adequately-functioning system around.

And shouldn’t we learn our lessons from the M50 which was built too small? If some expert thinks the metro will be too small then … (won’t it kill the bus service if it’s too big?).

How is car parking and public transport comparable??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely, the lesson Michael is you should have taken the bus up to the big smoke!!! :wink:

  1. Parking for the duration of the trip (4 days) Euro 37.

  2. No bus to the smoke at 3 am ( the plus: at 3am it only a 1 hour journey to the airport)

Well I can imagine… You did have the choice of quick park in Santry and Bewley’s Hotel o’course… :wink: