Mewses to let in Lansdowne Village - anyone know about them?


There are 2 or 3 mews houses next to each other to let off Newbridge Avenue in Sandymount; some weirdness:

  • all are listed by multiple agents
  • all have been on the market since last week Oct/first week Nov
  • all are unfurnished


Here they are on Google Maps: … 1&t=h&z=19

There might be a third, or maybe it’s just a duplicate.

They look nice; anyone know anything about them?

I live around the corner from them and when we were looking to rent in the area in August '07 there were a few available. There are about 10 of them grouped together. Looks like some canny bought the back gardens off a few of the houses on Newbridge Ave and developed them just in time for the downturn. A friend viewed one a few years backed and thought they were nice but too modern for her taste. We discounted them because we have kids and they looked a bit child unfriendly.

Decent enough price for the area, they all seem to have parking for one car, you can’t park on the lane…you could do worse. We love living in Sandymount, it’s a great area and the village is lovely…and when prices really tank we’d hope to take the plunge here (well we’ve all gotta have dreams!)

Thanks for that; we’re moving to make more room for EvilAl Jr, so interested that you found them child-unfriendly. Location would be perfect for us although the 1-car thing could be an issue. Will try and view them this week.

Child unfriendly from a ‘glass balustrades that I’m too lazy to clean grubby handprints from all the time’ point of view…and also looked like the balconies were the only ‘garden’ space. You’ll probably be able to get a parking permit for Newbridge Ave but it’s a pain in the a**e to park at the moment with all the builders at Lansdowne…but look on the bright side…Summer 2011, glass of wine, out on the deck, Michael Buble (or whoever else is in concert) in the background…the little piece of paradise you call home!

Not to be a negative nellie, but what about the Megadeath gigs or the Ireland soccer internationals. :open_mouth: